Does Your Writing Touch People?

You know, last month I did a series of posts that began with the term “blogging tips”. The whole series was done with the intention of giving people some shorter pieces on blogging as opposed to some of my longer pieces on the subject. I’m not sure how much people liked them as opposed to my normal writing but I do know that traffic increased some, though I think it was for the post on Getty Images more than the blogging posts, as it seemed to have touched a nerve.

It may be polluted
but it’s my lake

I’ve always said that when you write a blog you should be aiming for one of three things: to educate, to entertain, or to inform. You can integrate them into each other if you wish, but you should at least achieve one of those three things with each post.

What I also hope to do with each post is touch someone in some fashion, most of the time in a positive way. If I can make a connection with someone that goes beyond “nice post” status, to the point where that person decides what I’ve given them is strong enough that they can use it in some fashion for their lives, then it’s all good.

I write a lot of motivational posts with that goal in mind, but there’s a post I wrote that was titled Know Your Audience Part II that touched a young man (okay, he’s 38, but that’s young to me) named Alan and encouraged him to write a post linking back to it because of some thoughts he’d been having at the time. The post he wrote was called Why Cicero’s 6 Mistakes Of Man Is All You Need. What’s funny about it is it’s the type of post that, had I read it first, it would have inspired me to write something.

I’m going to own up to something here. I’ve been in business 11 years, but the last 3 1/2 have been horrendous. I’m surviving by the skin of my teeth, which is never any fun. Frankly, there are times when I’m ready to chuck it all in and go jump in the lake; then I remember I can’t swim, I don’t want fish touching me, our lake is considered one of the most polluted in the world (yes, I said world) even though I like walking at it, I’m scared of dying, I know bugs would somehow be involved, my mother would blame herself for some reason, and my own mantra that states “Every day is another chance to start again.” I wouldn’t be true to my own mantra if I took myself out, would I?

And, of course, hearing about things like Alan being inspired by something I wrote, a guy I didn’t even know or know anything about until the middle of July, even though he wrote his post in January. And I realize that’s what it’s all about. It’s about having the opportunity to help change someone else’s life by being honest and forthright and calling out bad behavior when it’s exhibited and trying to teach and motivate and, well, sometimes just plain ol’ have fun.

I’m feeling pretty good as I write this; how many times do you get to feel this way when you write a blog post? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel it more often? I appreciate all of you; thanks for continuing to stop by and read what I have to say.

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  1. Wonderful post Mitch!

    I totally agree with you that whatever we write for the readers should touch their lives in some way or the other. I guess we need to give them something of value to take back home, some learning experience for them or something that would entertain them, just as you mentioned.

    I also try doing the same through the posts I put up, as that remains my sole purpose. Yes indeed, when we write from our heart and try to make a connection with our readers, it does give us immense satisfaction and happiness, which is what we all want at the end of the day – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Harleena. You do have a way of touching others with your writing so you’re good there. I don’t do it as often I don’t think, but I believe I do it when it’s called for. At least I hope that I’m effective in getting whatever I’m trying to get across well.

  2. I was told to stop touching people. It’s in the court order. I’m not sure if they meant with my writing or not, though…it is a mystery.

    Anyway, I’m not really sure if my writing touches people. I try to hit all three points you mentioned, but sometimes some of the technical how-to stuff I might do just isn’t very entertaining.

    As for the business stuff, we’ve all been there, at least I have. I had some times last year when I was like “why did I ever go out on my own??” Where if I could have just disappeared I would have, too. Not to worry, though – death is not the end for me. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be back to haunt you guys’ blogs throughout eternity (in a friendly manner).

    I think you should feel good, I went over to check out Alan’s post and it was a good one that made me think. That you inspired some reflection is something to be proud of.

    1. John, you kill me! It’s when someone writes me and tells me stuff like he did that reminds me that I’m not just rambling to a group of people who don’t really care one way or another, and it does make me feel good and make me want to continue writing as well. Now I have to go over there to see if you left him a comment. lol

      1. Lol yeah I didn’t leave a comment, because sometimes when I check the dates and it’s been a long time I feel weird like I’m bringing up something I shouldn’t be.

        Maybe it’s an old forum habit of mine. When I see the last post was 6 months ago I usually refrain from opening it up again.

      2. Yeah, gotta get over that one. The way I see it, if comments are open and you’ve got something good to say, especially if it’s positive, it’ll be seen as a good thing and people will love it. I do it all the time.

  3. Yeah you touch upon what the internet really is best used for, for connecting with people, for the better of the community. Spread the word!

  4. Mitch,going good with your thoughts.
    These all not depend on you that you are going good or not, so you should be do good and good not to think about this that there is something wrong.on this What a goody said by you here that “It may be polluted but it is my LAKE”.

    1. I have to admit I don’t fully understand everything you said Bhushan, but it looked like you were saying something nice so I appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Mitch, you are doing a great job, your post are really informative and complete with personal touch, I think many blogs have lost this and have become commercial. I guess everybody is surviving nowadays, just nothing is going in right direction, but better times will come and quality will be recognized again.

      1. I admire your work, you are working on several blogs on your own and you do a great job at all blogs and reply to all comments, honestly I haven’t seen many blogger doing this. Actually I have seen that, but replies are, just a replies without getting into deeper thoughts.

  6. Mitch, It’s so much less complicated than we sometimes make it out to be. SEO this, perfect titles, keyword density, social sharing and the list drones on. The truth is, you’re right. It’s about the message. Writing with intention goes beyond any one message we decide to deliver. Love the post and I’m intrigued to read more of what you’re just sharing!

    1. Thanks Mys; I really appreciate that. This is why I try talking like I’m telling a story because it’s my hope that it touches people in positive ways.

    2. Thanks Mys. That’s why I try writing posts as stories, or as if someone’s sitting across from me and listening to what I have to say. And I appreciate when people listen.

  7. Hi, I’m a newbie but it’s funny, just the other day I was thinking about dumping the way of being cool headed and business like and to come more from the heart and i see the title of this post. I like your idea of touching someone in some fashion,in a positive way. After all, we are human beings with feelings and emotions dealing with other humans with feelings and emotions.

    1. Hi Sam,

      First, since your link was to a Google store and not a blog or regular website I removed it; sorry about that. However, it gives me something else to talk about, which is being genuine in all ways online, whether it’s writing, commenting or even linking. It is about being human, real, and honest.

  8. I’ll tell you one thing Mitch, I love reading your blog because you’re honest. I think we need more of that because some people don’t want to tick anyone off. They might not be “liked” anymore. Heck, I just appreciate good old honesty even if they don’t agree with me.

    I hope that some of my posts have touched people. I think a few have when I’ve talked about my Dad but other then that I think people are able to learn from me and they appreciate that. As long as I know people are getting something from what I share that makes me so very happy.

    Rock on my friend and keep on keeping it honest. Now, don’t go off and do something you’ll regret. You poor Mom would never forgive you and neither would we.

    Have a fabulous day Mitch and hang in there. Remember what I’ve shared with you. What you put out into the world will come back so let’s stick with all that good stuff shall we!


    1. Thanks Adrienne; you’re the best. I recommended to that NS group the other day during the Hangout that they should be reading your blog because of your general subject and how you write & market yourself, and to me it proves that you do touch people and offer a lot of value if they’re paying attention. Honesty in what we talk about, I feel, comes out, and if people take positive steps based on what we say, it’s all good. 😉

  9. “I’ve always said that when you write a blog you should be aiming for one of three things: to educate, to entertain, or to inform.”

    Very subtly noticed You have voiced my thoughts in practice.
    Overall a very good article! I wish you good luck in business development!

  10. Hi Mitch,

    If I’m not wrong I think it’s my first time here.

    What a wonderful feeling when someone tells you how much your post interest or touch them. When I read these kind of comments I can be touched to tears. It’s such a wonderful reward.

    I agree with you that your post should be about those three things, educate, inform or entertain. As a matter of fact while I have two blogs that educate my thrid blog is more about entertaining. Either way, it’s all about making the reader want to read your stuff.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week end!

    1. Thanks for coming Slyviane, and I hope it’s not your last visit. I was touched and inspired to want to do it again and again. Kind of like the first time you make a baby laugh; you just can’t get enough of those moments, right?

  11. Hi Mitch,
    I agree with you absolutely. If you are not educating, informing and entertaining your audience with your article, then you can be assured that you are not offering any valuable content that people are able to take advantage of.

  12. Don’t jump in the lake – the fish will say “I don’t want that dude touching me, he’s a human. You know what those humans are like.” Also, if you do that, we won’t have you here and I for one will miss you – I’m sure others would too.

    My blog is predominantly for entertaining people. Also, I suppose in a way to inform them as I ask questions in nearly all my posts and people can then read about other people. There are also a few ‘how to’ posts, for instance the one about how to make tea (Asian) Indian style. My own tutorials that I used to do in the previous blog… oh, so much time needs to be put into them, I’d rather do the occasional one here and there and mostly just enjoy myself. 🙂

    You’re one of kind, Mitch. I shall tweet this! 🙂

    1. That’s funny stuff Val. Since I can’t swim, there’s no worry that I’m going to jump in it, but I love looking at it.

      I thank you for your comment Val. I enjoy your writing, and you’re much looser than you used to be and that’s good as well.

  13. Hey Mitch, your writing always touches which is why I’m always late responding. But I always find my way. Thanks for giving us the best of you.

  14. Hey Mitch,

    thanks for the mention here – yes you did remind me about something I’d been wanting to write for a while and gave me the momentum to write that post – something you wrote was a perfect example of one of Cicero’s principles I wanted to write about.

    apologies for taking so long to pick this up – I’m on hols in France at the moment so hardly online,

    take care & best wishes,

    1. Hi Alan,

      As I said to Mandy, since I only accept names with two or fewer words up front so I hope you forgive me if I ever miss one of your comments that shows up in there.

      On holiday in France? Maybe one of these decades I’ll make that trip, but I’m doubting it. lol As for showing up late, hey, you got to see what your words germinated in comments here and that’s pretty cool. A few folks from here even ventured over there, which is great as well. It certainly gave me a lift when I needed it so I thank you for that.

      1. No probs Mitch – I can definitely recommend France if you ever get the chance to visit – but it has to be the South! My wife is from Antibes (which also makes my kids half-French) so I’m a little biased,

        take care & best wishes,

      2. Alan, if I hit the $100 million lottery, a trip to France could happen so I could bring an interpreter with me to tell me when someone was speaking bad about me; yeah, it’s a complex. Can’t see myself going anywhere I don’t know the language; then again, not like I always know what people are saying in parts of this country all the time. lol

  15. Great post though! I always have a manner to write technical stuff which may not be interesting for some people. The subject of my blog is about graphic design and only recently I started interacting with people on social media. I found that they like to read cool stuff, watch funny and interesting videos. That may be a good direction of my blog to start posting funny and but more interesting stuff that can attract more people. Cheers!

      1. Seen his blog. Thanks for directing me there. I must say he posts almost about everything, which amazes me. He runs a very comprehensive blog covering lots of topics, plus he uses catchy pics too. Maybe that’s the way I should follow. Cheers Mitch

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