Do You Have A Social Media Strategy?

I was reading an article by my friend Josh Shear titled Why Social Media Isn’t Working For Your Business and it made me start to think a bit more about social media and how it is or isn’t working for my business. I mean, I’ve written about using social media for promotion after all.

I have to say that it’s worked great for my social life, which is why it came about to begin with. Because of Twitter, I’ve met some people at local tweetups that I’d have never met on my own, and there’s a lot of both nice and smart people around here that I’m happy to have gotten to know. Through LinkedIn, I’ve met one or two people over the years in person, but I can’t say it’s done a lot for me socially. The same goes for Facebook as far as meeting people locally, but I’ve gotten the opportunity to talk to people around the world that I’d have never met any other way. Same goes for Ryze, though I’ve actually met some of those folks in person, and talked on the phone with some as well.

But what about business? I have to admit that I haven’t had a consistent social media marketing strategy, although I’ve had fits and starts. I did create my LinkedIn page a very long time ago, and I wasn’t all that far behind the Twitter revolution. I even now have that Facebook marketing page for my businesses, which I was just able to double in “likes”, which they now use instead of “fans”.

So, the question is how would one go about creating a social media marketing strategy. I have an idea of how I’m going to create mine, or at least enhance mine. If you think this is something you’d like to think about as well, look at my points here; I always work well with outlines. This outline is going to mention the top three specific social media options I presently use.

1. On LinkedIn, I need to take more advantage of the area that allows you to let people know what I’m up to on a real time basis. The reason that’s a big deal is because LinkedIn sends an email once a week to everyone telling them what’s going on with the people they’re connected to. It always highlights the newest stuff first, then goes backwards, and once it reaches so many highlights it gives a link to go online to see more if you wish. However, I’m betting most people don’t wish, so making sure I take advantage of staying current will help to make sure my name shows up in this email on a more regular basis.

2. On Twitter, I already have my current blog posts show up. However, I have lots of old posts on topics that are still relevant, and I have articles in many places as well. If I want to increase my brand and show those following me on Twitter what I’m all about, I need to make sure that I’m posting at least one extraneous link either every day or every couple of days to stuff I’ve done in the past.

3. On Facebook, I did something a few days ago that I’d said I wasn’t going to do, or didn’t want to do. I decided to specifically invite some people, and I did, going through the people I’m connected to and inviting some very specific people. These were friends who I believed would get a kick out of seeing what I’m doing these days. Lo and behold, my subscriber base doubled. This proves that sometimes in marketing all you have to do is ask. I might eventually invite other people who I’m connected with there; we’ll see. Oh yeah, if you’d like to check it out, click on that little box there to the right.

I think this is a pretty good start. But what is it I’m trying to do? That’s the next post.

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15 thoughts on “Do You Have A Social Media Strategy?”

  1. Mitch,

    The comment you left on my blog said that you thought you were doing social media right, and that it wasn’t necessarily working for you from a business perspective. I like that you took the time to re-think that thought and put your efforts toward thinking how social media might better benefit you from a business perspective.

    Things are always more trial and error and repositioning than we’d like to admit sometimes, but if we don’t evolve, we’re dead in this business. Kudos!
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..Dropping the walls =-.

    1. Thanks Josh. You’re right, there is a lot of trial and error, and if we’re not watching it, that’s when we’ll wonder why things aren’t working as greatly.

      1. Test Test Test! Another widely used “phrase” that is indeed SPOT ON! 🙂
        .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Name My Blog Network – Win $10 or Ad Space! =-.

  2. I think the last sentence says it all – what am i trying to do? I started playing with Social Media but didnt really have an aim so have put it on the back burner for now.

    I see it as a peripheral way you can communicate what you do so others get to know you.

    Another thing I have found in using keywords in Twitter that dirve traffic back to your blog.

    So from my perspective its on my radar to use FB, Twitter, Lindekin and You Tube quite extensively once my main marketing focus is where I want it to be.
    .-= Peter Davies´s last blog ..Reasons Why Email Marketing is Better Than Print Advertising =-.

    1. Peter, that’s not a bad idea all around. I really haven’t had a marketing strategy, which is why my stuff is all over the place. But it’s a good time to try to develop one, and of course include social media.

    1. Carolee, computer problems are never fun, are they? I hope you get past that issue fairly soon.

  3. Awesome Mitch, really. I know we’ve chatted some in the past where I was confused a bit at you being “happy” just “doing whatever”.

    A social media strategy. I think this should absolutely be #2 on my to-do list after my blog network is running smoothly.

    In fact, it should be interesting creating one for multiple blogs. lol
    .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Name My Blog Network – Win $10 or Ad Space! =-.

    1. Thanks Dennis, but before you go too far in the thoughts, I’m not talking about a social media strategy for this blog. This is the blog where I’m happy with whatever goes on. I’m talking about my two primary businesses and coming up with a full social media strategy to increase business in that regard. So, it’s not about blogs, as they’re not really my business… well, one of them is, but other than that, the other two are pretty much a lark.

  4. social media marketing is a powerful way to get maximum exposure, but i never follow any sort of strategy.
    Yes, i use twitter, facebook, myspace and i get positive response to.. but never follow any particular pattern..may be i will now after reading your post…
    nice informative blog…

  5. Dear Mitch,

    I was very sorry to see on Growmap that you believe using Akismet is a proper business decision.

    I cannot participate on your site because Akismet will trash my comment if I use my url. So a proper relationship with you becomes impossible.

    That you rescue comments only makes it worse, Mitch, because then I know you know you are trashing folks for personal convenience.

    It’s like your hiring someone to throw new visitors into the street and then hiring someone else to dust off their clothes out there.

    I will never understand someone who is in business who intentionally opts for personal convenience over new business and brotherly love.

    I won’t be back here until you deactivate Akismet. I can’t be treated well here, and worse, I know you know it.

    Anyone who asks, I will unfortunately tell them to avoid this site as well.

    Reason: Several of my friends have been banned by Akismet as well, including my grandmother…..MY GRANDMOTHER.


    1. Leone, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. And it’s okay that you don’t want to come back; I don’t go to blogs that use Disqus or Intense Debate, so I understand those types of things. However, I have to say that your post makes little sense to me, especially this line: “That you rescue comments only makes it worse, Mitch, because then I know you know you are trashing folks for personal convenience.”

      Anyway, since your comment has nothing to do with this particular post, I’ll leave it here, but not comment further. You’re not coming back anyway.

  6. I can only feel sorry for a fellow like Mitch who obviously prides himself on his intelligence.

    Clearly he wants to lead, and believes himself to be broad of thinking.

    And, yet, right away he demonstrates his decision making ability to be very limited.

    Who would vote to have a Mitch in the plutocracy immediately after having been attacked on his site by Akismet.

    I certainly wouldn’t.

    As a matter of fact, I would work actively to remove all the Mitch’s in the world from any position of influence whatsoever.

    They talk a good game until you watch them shoot a few people every day.

    I hope Mitch takes his “broad” view and finds a corner somewhere where he won’t be so dangerous to good will among men.


    1. Same thing for you, Lara. I know you won’t be back, and obviously, since you decided to write this comment on a post that has nothing to do with the general topic, you could care less what I have to say either; heck, you’re talking to someone else besides me as well. So, I hope you enjoy life elsewhere; my feelings aren’t hurt one way or another.

      Besides that, I notice both you and Leone have been careful NOT to give a url to a blog where I can come and comment on something unrelated as well; very brave of both of you. That takes guts; nope, won’t miss you either.

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