Ding Dong Osama’s Gone

I don’t often write two posts in one day but I figured today is an exception, since my other post was planned ahead of time and this one is, well, more timely to what’s going on in the world.

Of course by now everyone in the world older than 12 years old knows that Osama bin Laden was taken out last night. He wasn’t even hiding really; he was “holed up” in a mansion in a little city in Pakistan living pretty well. Had cable, internet access, and both one of his wives and children with him. He was only minutes away from a Pakistani military base and less than 30 minutes from the capital of Pakistan. It seems all those proclamations made by the Pakistan government that there was no way he could be in their country have been made to seem kind of ridiculous.

However, this isn’t a post on beating up on Pakistan. It’s basically a post about what this means, doesn’t mean, and other such stuff. In essence, I’m going to kind of give my opinion on this event because, well, I figure I have something to say. And in case anyone is keeping score, yes I am using this same picture on two different blogs today.

First thought; happy he’s finally been caught, killed, and disposed of. Short and sweet, and not a single American lost his life. I’m happy with the whole thing, and can move on from here.

Second, moving on doesn’t mean not still worry about stupid terrorists. I think Al Qaeda and the Taliban will try to use this as a rallying cry but that will fail. But it fails only because the nutcases that are ready to give up their lives to support the idiotic beliefs of the “rich” radical fake Muslims to get those virgins after they’re gone are already lined up and in place to do whatever it is they’re going to do. From what I’ve been understanding, these morons are more interested in trying to hurt the United States (which then makes no sense for them to bomb their own country but I digress) than in doing it for bin Laden. Many of them have no real idea who he is other than a name someone threw out. If you were Muslim, would you be doing something for Allah or bin Laden? See what I mean?

Third, I have to admit that the only real emotion I had last night was shock. I didn’t see this announcement coming, and once John King of CNN announced it and then everyone seemed to know about it and started telling us how it all went down, which was before President Obama spoke, it became more of a research project for me than anything else. I had no emotion; I wasn’t happy or sad or reflective; I just wanted to know more. This part was just like it was on 9/11/01, only back then I was truly emotionally invested in everything; this time around I turned the TV off at 1:30 and went to bed.

You know what’s funny? Within minutes after the President’s speech the clamor began from some circles that they wouldn’t believe it until they saw pictures of the body. How horrid is that? We have become a world that’s overall immune to seeing sick images of things, one of those things being death. If I have my way I never want to see it again except in the movies. Even there, I’m not into the realism thing; I couldn’t watch Saving Private Ryan for more than 2 minutes, but give me Independence Day, where we really only see an alien get killed, and I’m enthralled. Besides, we all know that the picture will be seen as a fake anyway; look at how many people in this country felt that President Obama’s birth certificate was fake last week after saying they wanted to see it for all these years. More idiocy.

Overall, I don’t think I’m satisfied, which is probably why I didn’t fully rejoice upon this news, even though I’m really glad he’s been taken out of the picture. I’m waiting until I hear they’ve totally crushed the Taliban and have found Mullar Omar. I’m waiting until I hear they’ve captured Al-Zawahiri, the #2 man that now moves up to #1, and the guy we’ve actually seen on TV more often that bin Laden in the last few years. I’m waiting until the day the President says “that’s it; we’re leaving Iraq and Afghanistan because the job is done.”

I might be greedy, but so be it. I’m still happy bin Laden is gone, and I’m happy everyone else is happy. And in my mind the song from The Wizard of Oz is still playing: “Ding dong Osama’s gone…”

13 thoughts on “Ding Dong Osama’s Gone”

  1. I thought almost the same thing, Ding Dong, Obama’s dead…….

  2. Hi Mitch,

    I’m like you, I was pretty amazed by the news last night. But beyond that, I’m much more interested in the “what comes next”. To me, the ultimate best case scenario would be if we use this as the excuse to say we “won” in Afghanistan, and start really getting out of there. Doubt it will happen .. but I can wish, right?

    1. Definitely we can wish, Todd. I almost hate leaving because we know the Taliban is waiting for that, but it seems the people of Afghanistan really aren’t trying to help themselves all that much, and you’re right, we got done what we wanted to get done.

  3. I hope he is gone Mitch and this was not just well done trick of politics which is crushing together with world economy.

    1. Carl, those would be very dangerous politics to play so I’m doubting it’s a hoax.

      1. I hope so Mitch, but politics s always dangerous game. There is one similarity between terrorists and politics, they want more power and will do everything possible to get it.

      2. True Carl, but just because one party wants power doesn’t mean the rest of us have to sacrifice ourselves to them. I don’t think it’s all over, but I do feel that it’s going to diminish in some fashion over time.

  4. Tch tch. The USA did the man a big favour. He now has 72 virgins at his beck and call and rivers of wine flowing all around him with celestial music playing to provide the impetus for enjoying those hard earned perks.

    1. Well Rummuser, if he can find need for all those virgins then we’ll just have to suffer that particular consequence. lol

  5. Talking about virgins one has to wonder where all these virgins are coming from, and what do you do once you’ve gone through all your virgins. Seems to me these suicide bombers are being short changed.

    As for Osama, well no great loss there. Too bad it took so long for him to get his just desserts.

    1. Sire, fanatics never fully research their beliefs, so I’m assuming they just think their god is going to keep conjuring up virgins from wherever and reward them for whatever as well. As for Osama, I’d have wished he’d been gotten much earlier also, but it does show that in the long run if someone wants to get you, they will.

  6. Hmm, don`t you really think that killing Osama government stopping activity of AlCaeda? There is just changed top1 terrorist. We may stop terrorism just if we will change a system where people wanna kill…

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