Dealing With The Russians

Interesting title, eh? Well, over the last couple of weeks, I’m dealing with Russians of some sort, though I’m not sure if it’s one Russian or multiple Russians. He, or they, like this particular blog; is anyone else dealing with Russians lately?

It started with someone registering for my blog, a weird looking name with a Russian extension to the email address. I didn’t actually mind all that much, but I decided to make sure it was real so I tried sending an email. After four days it came back saying it couldn’t be delivered because it didn’t exist. So I deleted it. Within a couple of hours “it” had signed up again. Over the course of the next week, I kept deleting it and it kept coming back. Eventually it stopped registering, and I figured I was done with it.

Then the first post came, Russian characters and all, but the email address wasn’t the same one I’d deleted in the past, and the name was in Russian. I decided to at least run the message through an online translator to see if it made sense. It did, to a small degree, and even though it looked odd, I decided to let it stay.

Not sure if that was a mistake or not, because I started getting other, and they were commenting on topics that I knew had nothing to do with anything someone in another country would be interested in. I still ran the messages through the translator, and this time, none of them made any sense. They didn’t address the topic, and they were both one liners. So I’ve started to delete those messages, and most probably I’ll have to delete them for a week.

People talk about comment spam all the time, and a few posts ago, I talked about all the spam protection I have on my blogs, which is through WordPress. But for some reason, it can’t pick up the Russian spam, probably because it’s not true spam. It’s not advertising anything, but what it’s probably doing is sending out posts with their link and hoping someone comes along and clicks on it. I have no idea what’s on the other side, but I’m not doing it, and if I have to protect my visitors from it, so be it.

In my mind, I’m not censoring someone who has a contrary point of view, because the posts really don’t have any point of view at all. Luckily, with online translators, we don’t always have to know up front what someone is saying. But when we do see what they’re saying, and it’s garbage, we should take appropriate steps to eliminate it.

Maybe they’re mad because the U.S. basketball team beat them by 21 the other night; hey, I wasn’t playing! Fitness Equipment Store

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2 comments on “Dealing With The Russians

  • Rich Boakes says:

    If I write a comment entirely in a code that you cannot decipher, would it get through your moderation? Probably not. So why should a language that you do not speak be any different? I too am getting deluged with Russian spam of late – over 50% of the spam that gets through for manual moderation is Russian – many hundreds per day.

    Rich Boakess last blog post..Irony: Flame or Funny?

  • Odd, isn’t it Rich? One thing I just did was changed how people can register. In essence, I stopped allowing just everyone to register, which has not only stopped the Russian names from automatically registering, but seems to have stopped the Russian spam for the moment. Not sure it’s a permanent fix or not, but it’s a start. I’ll have to see if there’s a WordPress plugin to stop it.

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