I don’t know if anyone here has been to one of my sites called Services And Stuff. It’s my own take on a web directory, which hasn’t done quite what I’d hoped it would. So, I’ve been thinking of other ways I could use the site, or change it up some.

One of those things I’ve been working on, though slowly, is converting those affiliate links that actually allow me to put up products into a type of online store. It won’t look like what I consider is a traditional boilerplate template, though. Instead, what I’m doing is going through the site, picking out 12 products that I believe are fairly representative of the site, then putting them up on the site, in the hopes that people will possibly buy something directly from my site, but if not that, if they see things they like, they’ll follow the secondary link, which I put in the little bit of content I write on each site that I’m representing, and maybe purchase something that way.

For those sites that don’t sell products specifically, but offer services instead, what I’ll probably do is have them link off my main page to category pages within my site and then write something short about each product. I’ll have to do it for things such as all of the web hosting services that I promote, just like I have grouped together on the right side below.

I’m not sure how well it will work, but here are some examples of what I’m going to do overall:

Things You Never Knew Existed

Ultra Diamonds

Of course, then I’ll have to figure out how to re-promote my little storefront, if you will. The first thing I’ll have to do is rewrite the content on my main S&S page to let people know that the listings in the middle are my online store. I already have a link to it in the business section of my blogroll, so that won’t change, but I may change what I call it so people know what it is. Then again, I’ll have to think about that one a little bit more. Luckily, I know how to optimize things as much as I possibly can, fitting within the parameters I’m allowed to use in marketing them. This may not be affiliate marketing at its best, but at least I’m trying to do something different.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, and try to be nice; you might drive me to eating those mint Oreos I talked about a couple of days ago if you’re not. Then my diabetic coma will be on your head. Oh yeah, before I forget, most of the products I use for my online store come from Commission Junction, just so you know.

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