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In my quest to try to help my Commission Junction advertising get just a little bit better, I remembered our buddy Sire writing a post on rotating Commission Junction banners from back in June. At the time, my mind was elsewhere, and I was having problems focusing on what he was writing about. I’m sure that happens to all of us sometimes, but in my case, I still remembered that he had talked about it.

So, I’ve now added this same thing onto my blog. If you look there above the Rosalind Gardner book, you’ll see the ad. If you refresh the page, you’ll see a different ad the next time. What you can do is add up to 25 different ads, or products, based on how you initially set things up, and they’ll rotate every time a visitor comes to your site.

It took me over an hour to set this up, because I have a lot of CJ affiliates, and I wanted to select which ones I thought might perform the best. I also made sure not to add anything I already have on the page. Now, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be adding an affiliate ad at the bottom of each of my posts, but it does mean if I decide not to, I’m still covered. Also, it gives some of my affiliate programs that I don’t get to show off all that often a bit more publicity.

Oh, you’re probably wondering how to do it. Well, this time I’m going to send you to Sire’s link above, because he detailed it perfectly, and I don’t want to copy what he had to say. But I’ll say this; I may be adding one more SmartZone to the site, which is what that little script is called, with highlighted products. I need to think about that one just a bit more. After all, if it took me this long to add just banner ads, how long might it take me to go through selecting products?

Telescoping Crayon Tower – 150ct.

Price – $18.99

9 comments on “Commission Junction Rotating Banners

  • hey Mitch!
    long time no see, been busy but now back again, although not sure how much time I will be spending commenting on other people´s blogs.

    had a look at your cj ads, but kind of wonder how well a diamond ad would do on this blog …. ?
    .-= Mirjam´s last blog ..Building a $5000 Per Month Site =-.

    • Hi Mirjam,

      Glad to have you stop by whenever you can. I figure that I have ladies stopping by every once in awhile, so maybe a diamond ad wouldn’t be so bad. You must have gotten the Ultra Diamonds ad, or were you just speculating on it?

      I figure, for this blog, it’s all about trial and error. And it’s just the latest thing I’m trying.

      • Yup; it’s working just the way it’s supposed to. And it’s easy to change them out and in; I don’t have to change my code at all. Just go to the site, delete what I don’t want there, add what I want. I like that.

  • Hi there Mitch. I have been a member of CJ for a long time and like you, just did not find the time to work on it properly, up until recently where I started to display some affiliate ads on other small blogs that I have. I did see the option of “create a smartzone” but did not have a clue what is was and quite frankly did not even bother. Now that I know it is an rotating banner feature, I will have to check it out. But first, on with the tutorial on Sire’s blog. Thanks
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..More Income Opportunity For AdSense Publishers =-.

    • It looks pretty good overall, DiTesco, so I hope it’s something that will work out well for you.

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