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I thought about writing a whole new page for this one, and realized that it was probably best if I just posted a portion of a post I wrote. Then I decided, nah, I’ll just go for broke and post the link to the post, which explains the whole thing. Here’s the link to my post titled Fake Commenter Names.

If you don’t want to read that post, the basic thing to know about my comment policy is that you have to use a real name. You can come up with a nickname if you’d like, but that’s what you’ll be known by. I need something to call you, since I respond to most people who post here. No Keywords Names Allowed; period!

Comments that come with info@ or admin@ as the beginning of the email address will go to spam as well; so will all messages. For the first two, I’ve recognized those folks never respond to comments I might make back to them when I’ve asked questions, which tells me those people are being paid to comment & it’s not their website. For the Gmail folks, since gmail sends the most spam (it’s not close), all those comments will go to spam first and if it’s legitimate I’ll approve it later.

Next, in the box asking for your domain name, if you add a link to a particular webpage other than your main page it will be removed. CommentLuv is there to allow you to select which link you want to go back to your blog. If you don’t have a blog then I’m sorry about this, but many times it’s the way spammers get dodgy links onto blogs and I’m not going to allow it. Also, don’t add links in the comment area; once again, CommentLuv should give you what you need most of the time, but if it’s to a different site leave off the https :// www part and if people want to read it they can copy and paste it elsewhere.

Unless you’ve commented here before, left legitimate comments previously, or I know you personally, if you leave a one line comment that doesn’t address the article it’s going to be deleted. You’re going to have to prove that you actually read the article and didn’t leave a fly-by-night comment to try to build up links for yourself. Have a little dignity.

One last thing. I pay for this space and I pay for this domain name. That means I expect a certain amount of decorum on this blog. No bad language, and no attacking anyone. You don’t have to agree with me, and we might get a little steamy here and there. But there’s a limit, and I will pull the plug on a comment. Call it censorship if you will; when you start paying for it, you get to write the rules.

That’s all I have; enjoy.


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