Clearing Away Irritations In 2010

Back in September on my business blog, titled Mitch’s Blog, I wrote a second post on the topic of tolerations. The original post on that topic was only about a paragraph long, so I wanted to boost it up some more. On that post there’s a link to a pdf file called 1001 Tolerations, which pretty much means things we put up with instead of getting them out of our lives and making us feel better about things.

Well, this is a new year, and I think it’s time for me to clear some things out of my life that have been irritating me in some fashion. Actually, most of us should think about doing that from time to time because we all tend to allow certain things to drag us down, even if it’s only occasionally. For instance, you have someone who you call a friend, yet you avoid them because they bring you down whenever you talk to them. All they talk about is themselves and their problems; they never ask you how you feel or even listen when you try to talk; it’s all about them.

I don’t have anything like that in my life, but I do have some things that I will be eliminating. One is going through my email address books and eliminating anyone who hasn’t responded to anything I’ve sent in at least a year. I think that’s not a bad place to start, but I might even go back further than that; I’m not sure yet. I go through my email all the time, and I see these email addresses of people I send stuff to that never write back. I tolerate that, but no more; they’re gone. Well, kind of gone; I’ll save the email addresses in a file, but at least I won’t be seeing them anymore.

Two, remember my post against Disqus? Well, I’m now resolving that any blogs I’m following that has Disqus on them, or any other blogs I go to that send me a message saying I have to subscribe to find out if someone has commented back to something I’ve commented on, I’m deleting from my blog reader and moving on. Any new blogs I come to that has Disqus I’m not even reading. Now, I know some of you have it on your blogs, and if I like you, I may not delete the blog, like our friend Peter; we go back a long way after all. But Peter, sorry, I’m not commenting anymore because I hate getting that email every time asking me to subscribe.

Three, I’m going through all the blogs in my reader and I’m going to make sure I’m following people who are talking about stuff I really care about. Also, I’m going to drop anyone who hasn’t written a post in 3 months. And, while I’m doing that, I’m going to find the time to get to Twitter and release people who I started following a long time ago, who either aren’t talking anymore or aren’t talking about anything I care about. I follow nearly 1,400 people, and I’m not going to say that’s too many, but I am going to say that I do listen to a lot of folks, rather follow a lot of folks, who aren’t really talking to anyone, but instead are always selling. Twitter isn’t supposed to be a one way conversation, just like blogging isn’t supposed to be a one way conversation either.

You know what? At a certain point, we all deserve to have more positivity in our lives. And sometimes, heck, all the time, it’s up to us to make our own happiness and get rid of those things that help to make us unhappy. It’s time for me to do that; what about you?

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18 thoughts on “Clearing Away Irritations In 2010”

  1. Hey Mitch, Happy New Year!!

    I found out that Google has just updated the PR ranking. Some of my pages goes from 0 to 3. But sadly, homepage is still the big 0, lol. Any idea why?
    .-= Charleston´s last blog ..Daily Horoscopes Websites Reviews =-.

    1. I don’t really know, Charleston. It doesn’t make sense that your inner pages would rank but your main page doesn’t.

  2. Thanks for your fast reply Mitch! I just put additional link to my high ranking page.

  3. Having a new year clear out always makes you feel good doens’t it? I’m doing the same with my facebook, going through and deleting any people I haven’t spoken to in a year and any applications I haven’t used in 6 months. Good luck with it all!
    .-= Jane @ Mobile Phones with Free TV´s last blog ..Mobile Phone Free Laptop =-.

    1. Thanks Jane. I hadn’t thought about Facebook but you’re right, why have people in the stream I don’t talk to and that doesn’t want to talk to me, right?

  4. Hi Mitch!

    Life is short. If you waste 30 minutes a day, you’re loosing almost 8 days per year. We should all focus on what’s important.

    I know what you mean: “follow a lot of folks, who aren’t really talking to anyone, but instead are always selling”. They don’t care. They just want your money. I could name a few.

    Have a wonderful 2010!

    I enjoy reading your posts.

    PS: Those guys build authority to sell. And they sell and sell and sell. If you’re too honest, you will have a problem to build that super star status… And no one will buy.


    1. Well Rui, honesty is my thing, so if I don’t sell something because of it then I should sleep well at night. Then again, I don’t sleep well now, so I might not know what I’m talking about. lol

  5. An end of year clear out is always a good thing. I also recommend changing avatars at this time of year – so we know what you really look like!!

    Sorry to be losing you as a reader though – for me the benefits of Disqus are too many to consider going back to a blog commenting system. But I’ll still be chatting with you here and on email.
    .-= Mike CJ´s last blog ..Discussion – The Next Decade =-.

    1. Hi Mike,

      You know, I keep forgetting that the avatar I have on this blog doesn’t match up to the avatars I have on my other blogs; I just never think about it. All my images are still fairly formal, though; rare to catch me in a “regular” shot. lol

      And I didn’t say I might not be reading; just that I wouldn’t be commenting. Maybe your blog will turn out to give me things to write about and trackback to yours, and then you’ll see my comments that way instead. I certainly never expect anyone to change what they like just for me. I also learned the other program that’s like Disqus is Intense Debate; I couldn’t remember the name until the other day.

      I hope you have a great year, and don’t let the haters beat you up too much.

  6. Whew. Don’t hold back Mitch, tell us how you really feel! LOl I do agree that the New Year is an excellent time of year to do some housecleaning. I hope everything works out for you.
    .-= DeAnna Troupe´s last blog ..Google Penalty Myth Concerning Duplicate Content Explained =-.

  7. You weren’t worried. Course, I’d have to take you into account separately, since you keep getting yourself put into the hospital. Now stop that! 😉

    1. Tell me about it; maybe every year around the same time you eat the same thing or do the same thing without realizing it, kind of your own Groundhog Day. Stop doing that! 😉

      1. When it gets close to the time, just put yourself in bed and don’t leave again. Oh wait, that’s where blood clots come from. Nope, I got nothin’ for ya! Just be healthy!

  8. Mitch, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on cleaning house for the New Year. I was doing the exact same thing in my Gmail account. Looking at all the lists I opted into and never really benefited from the information. But, rather WASTED a lot of time.

    There are just a handful of bloggers I like and trust and I will just stick to that. I, like you want a more productive 2010!

    I’m one of those Disqus people too! I want to verify if that comment subscription email can be turned off or not. Will check. . .

    To a Great 2010!

    1. Great 2010 to you as well, Monique. Yeah, we all need to take some time to cleanse something out of our lives from time to time. I announce it, but when I get to doing it, it’ll be quiet, and probably every person I eliminate wherever they’re eliminated from will never know and never think about it. But I’ll feel better once I’ve done it.

  9. I removed a bunch of people from my Twitter list yesterday. I hope you’ll still drop by my blog. I need an editor from time to time.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..How do you define a Blogging Expert =-.

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