In the previous couple of weeks, you probably noticed these banner ads running at the top of my posts. I hadn’t noticed them until someone else pointed it out, then I noticed them and wondered why I was able to see them, since you’re only supposed to see them if you come from a search engine.

They were Chitika Premium ads, being put there through a WP plugin. In my attempt to raise my Chitika income, I thought it would be a nice addition, and that it would show relevant ads to visitors.

Well, I’m not sure what it was showing to visitors, but what I was seeing wasn’t pleasing me at all. None of the ads were relevant to any of the content on the site. Instead, it was showing part of my business domain name as the search term; what the heck is that? I can’t say I was pleased, and there was one other thing bothering me, that being me seeing anything in the first place.

Someone else had written saying she was seeing dirty things when she was visiting the site, which was kind of freaky. Thing is, she also then found a virus, which I think was probably actually malware, on her computer, which could have skewed things. Still, I was sort of dismayed that she was seeing something like that on my site through Chitika. I’m not saying they actually take nasty ads, but I don’t want to take any chances with that particular product.

As you’re reading this today, if you used to see those ads you won’t see them anymore. I’ve disabled that plugin, and won’t be adding it back. I didn’t generate any new income anyway, and if others were getting the kind of junk ads like what I was seeing, it’s no wonder. Makes me wonder what some visitors are seeing on my side ad to the left there. Someone let me know.

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