If you look low enough on the left side, you’ll notice there’s a new Chitika ad at the tail end of that side. Though I hadn’t announced it, after I gave my January statistics, I had decided to remove Chitika from my blog because, well, I only made 11 cents, and it was taking up valuable space that I could use for something else.

The thing about Chitika is that it wasn’t meant for regular visitors to the blog at all. Rather, it was only for people who came to your blog via a search engine. Sure, I also had one of their affiliate banner ads on here, but I wasn’t quite feeling like giving that much love to something that wasn’t working, or at least where the payouts weren’t all that high. And, the clean out came around the same time that Shopping Ads dropped me from their marketing group.

So, why is something back? Yesterday, out of the blue, I got an email from them saying that they had noticed I wasn’t using their ads anymore, which was true, and hoped to get me back by offering two new things. One, for awhile, they’re going to pay double on any money that’s generated through their ads; hey, maybe I can make 22 cents this month, eh?

Two, they now offer ads that will be visible to everyone, and those ads will rotate products so that the same things won’t be showing up time after time. For instance, I just checked three times, and on one of those pages there are ads for iPods (I bet I’m the only person left to not have one), on another there were ads for Canon cameras, and on the final one were ads for the new Amazon Kindle, which is an ebook reader that I’ve been hearing some pretty good things about.

So, it’s another test for this blog, but I’m hedging my bet by keeping it nearer the bottom that moving it up into what I consider as valuable space. I’m also thinking that it might be time to write more posts about some of the affiliate programs I’m a part of. I would probably write a bit more than that one, as it was pretty early into the history of this blog. If you take a look, let me know what you think about the prospect.

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