What Muhammad Ali Meant To Me And The Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From Him

That some title isn’t it? If you’re going to talk about the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, you need to have a title that’s fitting. The Champ is definitely in my top five favorite people that I never got to meet of all time. I’m going to tell you why.

Muhammad Ali Signature
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My dad came home from Vietnam in September 1970. At least that’s what I first saw him, because it turns out he had actually come back to the United States in July to have an operation on his shoulder. He showed up at the front door in September just as I was starting sixth grade. By December, we were packing everything up and moving from Kansas City, where I lived in a ghetto for the year he was gone, to Loring AFB in Limestone Maine, which was putting me in a drastically different environment that anything I had experienced before and anything I would experience after.

Basically, I had gone from a school that was all black except for one Mexican kid to a school on a military base in northern Maine that was the smallest school I’d ever go to with a mixed population that I had no idea how to deal with after what I’ve gone through in Kansas City.

The kids in Kansas City hated me because I had a better education than they ever would, and I also had a full school year where I had no classes because the school couldn’t take time trying to teach me when they had all those other kids to deal with. I went from that to suddenly being back among a population I should’ve been used to, but I wasn’t really ready for them. I also wasn’t used to being in classes and having to try to remember how to study and learn again.

I don’t know whether my dad planned it or whether it was something that just came to me because that’s how the family dynamic worked, but Dad started talking about a boxer named Muhammad Ali. He first mentioned Ali while we were still in Kansas City and he started talking about him more often because of an upcoming fight between him Joe Frazier, who I had absolutely no idea who he was at the time.

Dad talked about him in very positive ways, and in retrospect that was probably an amazing thing because Ali had basically just come off of 3 1/2 years outside of boxing because he’d refused to join the military and go to Vietnam, whereas my dad had joined the Army at age 17 and had been in both Vietnam and Korea. I started to see Ali on TV and understood why my dad liked him so much.

Toru Okada via Compfight

It didn’t matter that the first fight I actually got to hear of his (back then big fights were on closed-circuit TV so you had to listen to the radio to find out what happened at the end of every round while the fight was happening) he happened to lose to Frazier. Actually, most of us thought he had won that fight because that was the narrative, and even after watching it years later there are a lot of us who thought Ali had actually won that fight even though he did get knocked down in the 15th round. What mattered to us is that he had taken a stand for a lot of things we thought were right, and he had so much charisma that it was hard to find things that we disagreed with him on enough for us to not like him.

One other thing that was very appealing was that he was not afraid of his blackness, which was a big deal to someone like me who was just getting ready to hit puberty and wasn’t sure how to deal with military kids who hadn’t been what I’ve been through in Kansas City. The strange thing is that even though the kids in KC hated me, I saw a lot of things that made a strong impact on my life. Along with discussions with my dad, these things got me to embrace the fact that I was a black kid in America and that I would have to try to be better than everyone else and have confidence in myself just to have a chance to compete for whatever I decided I wanted to do. That lesson turned out to be true.

Eventually we came to New York, and things were even stranger for me. I went from the smallest school system I’ve ever been in to the largest school system I’ve ever been in. Out of a school with around 3800 students there were fewer than 50 black students. Once again, the way I coped mentally with it most of the time was to rely on my thoughts of Muhammad Ali.

I did the same when I finally went to college and had an even less ratio of black to white when I first got there. Until my senior year of college, the only poster I ever had with a person in it on my wall was Muhammad Ali fighting Joe Frazier, and I tilted the poster so that Ali looked even bigger than he already was while fighting Frazier.

I started becoming more comfortable in my own skin at the beginning of my junior year of college, which was close to the time that Ali was close to leaving the profession of boxing. Normally when an athlete leaves their sport and you don’t see or hear of them as much, you start to move on to other people. Yet, Muhammad Ali was a different sort. He never went away, and even though he suffered from Parkinson’s disease he was still somehow in my life and the lives of others over the course of the next 36 years until he passed away last Friday night at age 74.

Just to get this out of the way, I mentioned my top five people that I never got to meet. Those five people are Roberto Clemente, Michael Jackson, Wilt Chamberlain, Frederick Douglass and Muhammad Ali. As often as I’ve written about Martin Luther King, Jr, he actually comes in at #6. 🙂

I’m not sure if I’ve properly explained why Muhammad Ali meant so much to me, and if you have questions you can ask me and I’ll try to explain it further.I figure that now it’s time for me to talk about Ali and some social media lessons that all of us can learn from his life.

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1. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

There were two Muhammad Ali’s.

The first was the showman, the huckster, the guy who built up the product so much that it drew in lots of people. Many of those people wanted to see him get his comeuppance, but he didn’t care about that. He was the first million dollar fighter because he knew how to capture people’s attention.

If I own up to failing at anything as it regards social media, it’s that I’m not willing to push the envelope as far as needed to get publicity. I’ve always hoped that my writing would eventually carry me to great heights in the world of blogging but after all these years I’m realizing that I’m nowhere close to where I want to be because the overwhelming majority of people who write about people who know something about blogging don’t know who I am.

Most people say the money is in the list. Truthfully, the money is in influence more than the list. That’s what Ali had while he was boxing, and it carried over into his retirement. If you knew how many times he used his popularity in the world to save or help someone, as well as to raise money for charity, you couldn’t come close to being impressed enough.

2. Be your authentic self

The second Muhammad Ali was the guy totally comfortable in his skin and in his convictions. Hate him or not, when he latched onto an idea he was willing to take his chances with whatever came up, no matter whether it impacted his life positively or negatively.

In that regard, becoming the first major athlete to declare his transference to Islam was a big deal in his day. He went from beloved to hated within 24 hours, but he didn’t care. Years later when he decided he wasn’t participating in the war and not taking the oath to be drafted, he was not only hated even more than before but he lost his career and livelihood and almost went to jail for it.

Over the course of his years he might have said some controversial things, some he was correct on and others he wasn’t, but in the moment he truly believed in each and every thing he said and was willing to deal with the consequences of it all. Isn’t that what I was talking about last week when I referred to freedom of speech?

3. If you’re authentic, people will embrace you if you change your mind.

I mentioned Ali saying some controversial things. Let’s get some of that out of the way:


During my formative years, it seemed that everything Ali said about race was absolutely correct. He said some negative things about Jewish people that didn’t mean anything to me because I didn’t even know what a Jewish person was until I was in college. He had some thoughts about women that I never heard at the time either but those beliefs all turned out to be wrong as well.

The first thing is that he was authentic in his beliefs. He really thought these things and believed them with all his heart. However, once his boxing career was on the wane, the Nation of Islam stopped having such a hold on him, and he started reading the Koran for himself and his most extreme views went away, just like they did for Malcolm X. The Ali I really started to admire was the one who talked about love, respect for all religions, people getting along together, and taking active steps to show how his beliefs changed instead of just talking about them.

There have been a few writers this weekend who tried to talk about the “bad Ali”, the one who said all those things. Those few voices have been drowned out by the very people he used to condemn as being evil because they saw the metamorphosis in the man and all the good he did.

This is a great lesson for all of us to remember. If we’re authentic we might have people who dislike us every once in a while but at least we’re being honest. We’re also not trying to hurt anyone because Ali never meant to hurt anyone; he was trying to uplift a people he truly felt was subjugating itself, which is something I do here and there on my business blog. When he learned different lessons, he didn’t just soften his words and beliefs but tossed them out for a better life and a better world, and he brought others along with him.

This is my tribute to Muhammad Ali, a man I wish I could have thanked for helping me get through a tough part of my life. I’m glad he’s finally at physical peace as he already was mentally. There will never be another like him.

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How Are You? Life And Blogging

Sometimes it takes me a while to get to things I’ve downloaded to my computer. That’s the case with what’s lead to the topic of today’s post.

Creative Commons License Teddy Mafia via Compfight

I often download podcasts and interviews but don’t always find the time to listen to them. I’d loaded a bunch of them onto my phone, but I could never find them. I finally figured out about 3 weeks ago how to access those files, and once I finished a couple of the recorded books I had I decided to listen to a couple of them.

I got to one by Darren Rowse, Problogger to some of you (the guy credited with being the 1st million dollar blogger), which was titled How One Humiliating Experience Gave Me a Wake Up Call That Helped Me Build a More Profitable Blog. That I’m 8 months late getting to it is intriguing, yet I’m glad that I did get to it.

Just so you know, there’s about to be some storytelling coming up, some truths about my life and business and such. If you decide you’d rather skip right to the blogging part just click on that highlighted B and it’ll drop you way down to where I start specifically talking about that.

He talks about how he felt like he’d been going through the motions with his blogs and businesses, feeling almost burned out and not believing he was giving his best effort. He came to an epiphany that most of us go through life greeting people by saying something like “how are you” and moving on because we really don’t care, we’re just being polite.

One day he decided to sit down and think about how he’d answer that question if he were to be honest. As he looked at himself in his mind he realized that there were a lot of things going on, both positive and negative, but a lot of the negative things were holding him back, especially those related to health. He also realized that he’d gotten out of the habit of reading other blogs, something he used to do a lot of, and reading other types of articles, to the extent that he felt he was just churning out things he figured he knew based on his experience but was bored by that, and wondered if his readers might be bored by it as well.

At the end of the podcast he challenged those of us who listened to it to do the same for ourselves. If y’all know anything about me I’m always up to some kind of challenge, so I figured I’d start off talking about this one for a bit; I hope you stick with me but if you didn’t, I hope you remember that, once again, you can click on the first letter of blogging and drop down below to see what I have to say about that.

Mitchell thinking

I figure there are 3 things all of us really need to deal with: health, finances and mindset. As Darren said, anything you identify as a negative gives you time to try to correct it so you can improve yourself and potentially improve your life and blogging; hey, he’s Problogger after all! lol Something that immediately separates me from him is that I’m always thinking about all 3 of these things, every single day. Sometimes I write things down, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I’m on point and sometimes I’m floundering. So there’s not tons of backstory for me in that regard. Instead, I’ll mention what’s going on in general and whether it’s good or bad.

I’ll start with health. In general I’m going along pretty well. If I had to rank myself on a 10-point scale I’d give myself a 7. The best thing is that I’m right now averaging 20,000 steps a day, which is close to 10 miles of walking a day; ouch! 🙂 I thank Fitbit for getting me to do it It’s going to be coming down within the next few weeks, but I’ll be coming back to that one. One more thing to mention about the walking is that this leg issue I had, where there was this vein that throbbed from my left hip to around my knee, seems to have calmed down some; that was some serious pain but for now it’s gone away.

My weight has been steady, and I thank Myfitnesspal for helping me with that one. I know a lot of folks think tracking food and such is a major pain but I can tell you that it’s not only helped me lose some weight but it’s helped me gain control of my diabetes.

Those are the good things. The bad things are all centered around my lack of sleep. I average just over 3 hours of sleep a night, while my goal is 5 hours. Even though I have a CPAP which helps me sleep better, it doesn’t help people sleep more. So far in 2016 I’ve hit my 5 hour goal 7 times from just sleeping overnight. I can bring that number up to 11 if I count those times when I’ve taken a nap and been able to get over 5 hours for the day. That sounds pretty bad doesn’t it?

What happens with that is it affects my concentration, at least during the day. I find it hard to get a lot of things done because I can only focus about 30 minutes at a time, if that. It’s one reason why I walk so much, because when I can’t concentrate I can only do two things, and being on the computer isn’t enough to keep my interest as much so I walk for my health. The strange thing is that when it gets to around 7PM I’m suddenly pretty alert, so I do most of my writing and other work from then until 2AM, only breaking to eat and walk some more.

Sleeping Dog, Guatape
Geraint Rowland via Compfight

I’m trying some things to hopefully sleep longer. Every once in a while I try to get to bed earlier, and when I awaken I force myself to stay in bed until at least 8:30. Those days get me close to 5 hours but have you ever realized how tired you get trying to sleep when you can’t sleep? I’m trying some meditation but it only helps me fall asleep and not stay asleep, and falling asleep isn’t my problem. I’ve tried the Sleepy Time tea and some other things, and I’m always changing how I physically go to sleep, but with a CPAP there aren’t a lot of options.

Still, I recognize this is the hardest thing to overcome if I want to push forward with my career and my blogging. I also realize how it affects the next two things.

Finances are an interesting one. My wife and I split the bills and I make enough to pay my share and still have a little bit left. Because I was on a long term consulting gig before that I have some money in reserve. That’s an important business lesson for anyone who works for themselves; when the gravy train is running well be sure to put some away for when it runs out of gas. The thing is, because my mind is often foggy from lack of sleep it’s hard to think out of the box and even harder to do what needs to be done to really be successful. Sometimes I feel like I need more pats on the back for the things I actually do get finished like my book from last year.

Mindset… that’s a big one. I’ll admit that I vacillate between feeling very positive and just “meh”. I’m glad that it’s rare I’m really down, but when I am I can usually get rid of it by taking a nap… which means it’s tied in to the lack of sleep thing.

My mindset will be improving in about 3 1/2 weeks when my wife finally comes home from San Antonio, where she’s been since September. Some of you might remember my story about the ladder back in January but if you don’t, or you didn’t read it, check it out. I’m an only child, so I can entertain and take care of myself. Yet it’s always nice having at least one person who cares about you (besides your mother; I’ll talk more about her in a moment), will go out to eat with you, walk at the lake with you… well, you get it.

Creative Commons License r. nial bradshaw via Compfight

I’m also working on my latest book which is on the topic of motivation, and based on an article I wrote some years ago titled 46 Ways To Reach Your Own Super Bowl. If writing a book on motivation doesn’t improve your mood nothing will.

There is one bad thing occurring though, something that a lot of us have to deal with at some point. My mother’s memory is slipping a bit, and she lives alone about 90 minutes away from me. Luckily she can take care of herself but it’s something I have to keep an eye on since it’s just me and her. Sometimes she says things that scare me, and late last year she had a car accident and… well, let’s just say that she didn’t hurt herself but she totaled the car by doing something so inconceivable that I’m stunned she got away with it.

Hey, no one ever said we’re supposed to get through life without challenges right? Anyway, that’s all I’m going to touch upon as it regards my life; anything more and I might as well film a documentary. By the way, if you listen to the podcast I linked to above you’ll hear Darren talking about the same sort of things in his life.

Now it’s time to talk about Blogging. Whether you read all of the above or just jumped to this portion, I welcome you and I’m glad you stuck around one way or the other.

One major thing that separates Darren and myself is that I’m constantly reading a lot of other blogs, mainly because I still follow feeds via my feedreader program. For a while a couple of years ago I was missing out on reading a lot of other things online that had to do with blogging or business because the only news source I had besides local news was CNN. I’m not a Huffington Post kind of person and I had no idea how to find new content.

Thank goodness for Twitter lists and Flipboard, both of which allowed me to set up categories so I could follow people and topics I like so I could not only find entertainment but learn about things I could talk about and share with others, even here on this blog.

Because of those two things I’ve been able to write posts about things like Blab, making your website mobile friendly, how to sculpt your Facebook feed so you see what you want to see, talk about YouTube monetization, the Samsung Galaxy 5 birthdays and calendar issue, and of course my post sharing 31 blogging and social media mistakes.

In essence, you can’t even think about being a successful blogger if you’re not taking in at least a portion of what’s going on “now”. I mean, I could probably write a year’s worth of posts (writing only once a week mind you) on blogging, writing and social media without consuming a single new thing, but within months I’d probably be writing about obsolete things. Change is consistent, as well as ideas, and if I didn’t read things like this monster post on how to get more traffic to my website by Nat Eliason or this truly epic post by Neil Patel on things that could kill your blog posts I might not have newer things to write about, even if I was beating up what I was reading like I did when I wrote this post about a blog whose misleading title drove me nuts because the content didn’t live up to expectations.

Let’s close this post with 7 things you can do to be a better blogger:

Picture 162

1. Read

I don’t care what you read; just read something. If you read you can write book reviews or figure out how to tie in something else and relate it to blogging like I did with chess.

2. Research

You don’t have to do a research project like I did when testing lots of blog content & whether you increase visits but if you did it would give you something to write about. It will also give you insight and knowledge that you can share with others and that knowledge never goes away.

3. Share

Although I’ve linked to a lot of my own posts in this blog I’ve also linked out to 3 other people. Hopefully y’all will not only visit them but let those folk know that I shared their links on this blog, and then think about sharing links to other blogs and sources on your blog.

4. Internal linking

Why did I do all that internal linking? Because it not only helps people find more content that’s related to something I talked about but because it keeps people reading and learning and hopefully commenting and sharing and having a reason to come back for more to see what I’ll say next time. Oh yeah, it’s also great for SEO!

5. Originality

I hope you checked out that link above when I talked about misleading titles. My biggest gripe was the writer didn’t write anything original. There are lots of subjects that we all talk about but if we can’t find our own voice in writing about it then why should anyone care to stop by?

6. Make it easy for “people” to participate

Stop making people create accounts to comment on your blog. Stop making people log in to comment on your blog. Make sure people are receiving email telling them when you respond to their comments (which seems to be happening for me less and less these days) and of course respond to comments. I know so many of you are worried about spam, but getting comments, real comments, is worth it; Heck, even Copyblogger brought them back this past January!

7. Care

Care about your audience. Care about your language. Care about your grammar. Care about yourself. Care about your topic. Care about your neighborhood, family and friends. Care… just care… 😀

Did I miss anything? Let me know, leave a comment, share this with your friends and family… and think about how you are.

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September 11, 2001 – 9:03AM… 14 Years Later

I woke up early on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. No idea why, but I was up before 8AM. Since I work independently and I was working on my first book at the time I came to the computer and started writing.


Around 8:55 or so my mother called. That was strange as well, so I picked the phone in greeting and asked her what was wrong. She told me to turn on the TV to NBC News, which was the only channel she watched at the time. I did so and I saw a mass of confusion. Then I heard that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers. It was shocking but not all that troubling at the moment. Planes had hit the tower before and fallen, but this time it was a passenger plane.

Then I saw the image of a plane hitting the Tower and I said to Mom “They’re showing a replay of the plane hitting the building.” She said “That’s not a replay; that’s another plane.” That was at 9:03AM.

It was at that moment that I realized it was live, and what I was witnessing was something different. I immediately knew this couldn’t be an accident, and it couldn’t be a coincidence. However, the word “terrorism” never struck my mind; at least not then.

That basically started over 60 straight hours of TV watching, only stopping to go to the bathroom or grab something to eat quickly. I didn’t go to bed, didn’t go to sleep. I kept switching channels; whenever one channel went to a commercial I went to another channel. Whenever the news started sounding the same, I went looking for something new.

The strange thing is that I still remember a lot of that stuff very well. I also think it’s strange that, until a couple of days ago, I’d never seen any footage of the people who jumped from the buildings when the heat and fire got so severe that people had to decide which way they wanted to die; that’s really scary.

Here’s the thing. We’re 14 years removed from that event and it’s hard to say that the world has gotten to be a better place because of it. From that date forward, Americans have lost a lot of liberties, while our government has taken a lot of liberties here and abroad. Terrorism seems to be stronger and sneakier than it was before.

In the past few months we’ve had suicide attacks on law enforcement, military officers, and even civilians by nutcases across the country who seem to think that supporting an offshoot gutless group of sadists who aren’t doing anything except making the world a tougher place for those they consider as “lesser Muslims”, nonbelievers of the same religion, to live in peace, following a religion that they see as peaceful. That the tales of what these degenerates are doing to not only women (which is an abomination) but to a lot of the young men fooled into leaving the country and joining their ranks doesn’t turn these kids off scares me.

I’ve never understood the language of hate. I’ve never understood how the language of hate seems to be able to overcome the language of peace and cooperation, the language of motivation and positivity, the language of the common man and woman who go about their day thinking that life is at least okay, that they have friends to talk to and entertainment to enjoy and great food to eat and nice cars to drive… and yet need to worry about being in the wrong place at the wrong time because one day someone decides they’re ready to die for a cause that’s false, no matter what it is.

I’ve never been the most trusting person. Even in my own home, when I’m alone I usually keep the curtains and blinds closed, barely opening them up to let a little bit of light in. It’s not that I live in fear; I live in caution. I’m not going to let the fear of terror, homegrown or not, keep me in the house.

However, I now always look at people when I’m in unfamiliar territory. I look at people who appear different. It’s not about race for me, and it’s not about sex. It’s about behavior. I still treat everyone fairly; but fairly these days comes with a bit more scrutiny.

That’s what 9/11/01 did to me. That’s why I always remember the day so well, beyond the fact of living in New York state, having been to the Twin Towers multiple times and feeling a bit of a connection.

If you’re interested, I wrote about 9/11/01 on my other blog today; that post went live at 8:46, the time the first plane hit. Today is #NeverForget911 on Twitter; for me, every day is #NeverForget911. And for some reason, I need a bit more of this…



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Beating Your Head Against A Wall?

Come Monday I’m going to have a post here that’s going to be something different than the norm, yet reminiscent of something I did a long time ago that involves both of my blogs. This is my roundabout way of talking about it without talking about it; isn’t that a shame?

New haircut, new...?
New haircut, new…?

A couple of days ago I was talking to a guy on Twitter who lives in the area. He’s been seeing a lot of my posts on Twitter and they were kind of confusing him. See, I not only have the posts from this blog showing up on Twitter but from my other 4 blogs, the blog for my consulting group and the blog for my accountant, since I write her content also.

He wondered what I actually did for a living, so I told him. He said he assumed I was in a totally different field, and I said that’s because my blogs don’t actually address my main field all that much. When he asked why I said it’s because if I wrote about just that no one would read it, as it’s a hard industry to communicate with online.

Then I told him all the different things I did other than the main business and his question/statement was “All those other industries would allow you to reach people online, and you seem to enjoy it. So why are you sticking to what you do?”

Why? That’s easy; because when I get a gig it pays really well and I accumulate money quickly. However, it’s also a “beating your head against the wall” industry, health care finance. Overwhelmingly, the people I need to talk to have no clue of what I’m talking about. So, when I get to talk to any of them (which is also rare because hospitals have great gatekeepers) and explain what I do… as my wife says, crickets in 4-part harmony.

I think health care is the only industry where people in the C-suite are responsible for areas they know absolutely nothing about. And if any of them challenged me I can ask 6 specific questions, only one of which 99% of them will get right because it’s the main area they should know something about.

Working so hard to get clients who don’t want to work with me because they don’t understand how I can help them (I mean, doesn’t $730 million in one year mean anything to anyone?) reminds me of the Beav’s mother in Airplane who said “Chump don’t want da help, chump don’t get da help!”

So… believe it or not that’s the preamble to Monday, though I’m betting you want more. The best I can give you right now is that I’m a bit frustrated and realizing I’m not living close to the life I want to live. If I’m going to act like I learned anything from my buddy Rasheed (for whom I recently wrote a review of his book Life) it’s that life is short and we should learn how to live the life we want instead of the life we think we should be living. And if we can make money that way… then why not?

That’s it… until Monday. Still, I want to leave you with this question: are you living the life you want to live, and if not what life would you like to live and have you thought about how you might be able to get there or are you unable to give it a shot?

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Day After Christmas; Best Of 2014 & A Look At Goals…

It’s the day after Christmas and I hope everyone had a nice holiday. If you celebrate a different holiday I also hope your holiday was nice. I really don’t celebrate any holidays anymore but Mom does, so there you go. 🙂


I thought it was a good time to review last year’s goals, see what goals I have for this year, and highlight what I think were my top 10 posts for the year. They might not have been the most popular, might not even have a comment; I’m not saying one way or the other. But it was a strange year for me so I’ll just go with “it is what it is.”

Last year I put my 2014 goals into a video, which some folks went over to check out; thanks for that. For those that didn’t, and for those of you who either weren’t paying attention or forgot, these were them:

* Generate more passive income
* Take better care of myself
* Create 75-100 videos
* Finish editing my book & writing 2 other books
* Double my income
* Better social media balance between business and pleasure
* Focus!

In the video I went into greater detail but this will do for now, unless you watch the video at the link above. Let’s see how I did.

I actually ended up taking better care of myself; how about that? After a bad run of health issues related to my diabetes I finally downloaded Myfitnesspal and that brought some immediate results. I added a Fitbit Flex to the mix and the next thing you know I started walking more because it not only tracked my steps, but added calories back to my daily menu.

What that resulted in is an A1c of 5.9, which is below diabetic standards, reducing my daily average glucose reading from 230 to 123, and I lost 5 pounds also. That’s not bad; actually it’s great! The only problem I’ve had is now I have to try to make sure I eat enough because I’ve had some lows rather than highs, and that immediately affects you in a negative way, whereas highs affect you long term. Still, I’m healthier; yay!

I said I wanted to create 75-100 videos. On my regular YouTube channel I’ll probably end the year with 58 videos, which included 4 interviews. On my business channel I created 38 videos, which included a video 30 straight days in June and one interview. So I hit my target number with 96 videos, but I didn’t hit the number of interviews, which was 10. I don’t know what it is with folks and being interviewed but that’s still going to be a goal for this upcoming year.

Day 106 - I am a librarian
Cindi via Compfight

I finally finished editing my second book on leadership and I have about 8 people reading through it. I hope to get them all back within a few days so I can get the final edit completed and then figure out what I’m going to do. My last “real” book from 12 years ago I took to a printer and published it that way but now there are tons of other options I could select that I’m going to have to research it. I didn’t get to any other books because I was traveling a lot but I have a couple in production; we’ll leave it at that.

I didn’t quite double my income but I got close. I got stiffed on a payment by a company called Serene Corporation (happens sometimes, but since they’re ignoring me they deserve to be called out) but that wouldn’t have greatly affected my income. The thing is I had a pretty successful year but I have to start 2015 hard if I even hope to equal last year, let alone surpass it.

I can’t say I succeeded in my balance wishes, but I also didn’t think I’d be traveling as much as I did. However, in the year when I was going back to Memphis from home all the time I also visited Louisville, Orlando, Washington DC, Tunica MS, and San Diego, my first trip to California where I actually left either an airport or train station. lol Tunica was where the casinos were, and Orlando was for a wedding and a visit to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, which I’ll talk about soon in a different blog post. Meanwhile, I did have an interesting adventure this one day in Memphis that I never shared here, which I’m sharing now in a video lol:


That last one; I’m not even mentioning it because it’s going to be a part of 2015 also.

That’s it for last year’s goals. What are this year’s goals? The first two you’ll know because I’ve already mentioned them:

* 10 video interviews combined for both video channels
* Focus!
* Publishing 2nd “real” book (I don’t count my Website book as a real book since it’s short, but I might not be all that fair to myself)
* Completing 3rd book
* Get 3 speaking engagements
* Get as many subscribers to my videos as videos created
* Work on an idea to take my business and career to bigger heights

That last one is really the most important of all. I hate admitting it all the time but I am 55 now, which means it’s time to really figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I do know that I have an ultimate goal of having $10 million in the bank, and doing it based on what my career is now isn’t going to happen unless I figure out how to be “the” one and only person hospitals look for help from. Yeah, I don’t see that happening either.

Me and cup

Still, at least I have that down because I need to get it done in 10 years time, which means I need to figure out how to make $1.5 million a year for the next 10 years (taxes you know). I always offer the opportunity for others to share their particular goals with me; it’s still there, and I won’t steal your ideas (unless they really were mine first lol).

Enough of that. Time for my favorite 10 posts of the years. Actually, one of them was already linked above, the one for my 55th birthday, so it’ll be 11 overall. Here we go:

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By the way, I guess I should add one more goal, though I may need some help with it. I’m tired of seeing all these lists talking about top 50 or top 100 bloggers and I’m nowhere to be seen. I’m thinking that 7 years with this blog, 6 with my finance blog, and, come February, 10 with my business blog should count for something. So if you believe that I know a little something about blogging, I’d appreciate a good word here and there; thanks in advance.

That’s all I have except the many thanks for you veterans and you new visitors who indulge me every once in a while by visiting this blog. I hope to continue producing even more content with opinions, tutorials and some personal stuff in 2015. Not sure if this is the last post of this year or not but if it is, have a safe New Years holiday and be safe; you don’t want to miss what’s coming in 2015! 😀

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