A bit over 4 years ago I wrote an article titled The Art Of Storytelling, where I talked about some of the stories I’ve written on this blog as it related to the topic of writing. A few days ago I came across another article where the author was purporting to talk about why storytelling […]

This is the final day of my survey below regarding my creating a training course that a majority of people might want me to create. The intention is to generate interest in a product that the most buyers will purchase from me… at least that’s the general theory. No matter what happens, I won’t hold […]

This is day three of my survey below to see what you might like to learn that I know a lot about. Yes, this time it’s something I’ll be charging for, although, if it all goes through well, a few people will end up getting something for free… all it takes is participating. I mean, […]

This is day two of my attempt to see if I can get y’all to vote on my little survey below on what you’d like me to do a course on. It’s not something I’ll be doing on this blog for free; not that I’ll stop talking on those topics but it’s not going to […]

Last week on this blog I talked about the career that up until now has dominated my business life. Health care finance can pay well. It’s also a very fickle business though. looking professorial! I talked about how I needed to find a better business model instead of constantly beating my head against a wall. […]

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