A very short post. I came across this on the Dollar Shower blog. He was talking about a website called Browser Shots where you can go in, put a link to your website or blog, and it’ll show you what your site looks like on up to 54 different browsers; I didn’t even know there were that many.

I did a test with it by putting in my business blog, since I just changed over to that template. It came up with 37 different views for me, and you can hover over it and it’ll enlarge just a little bit so you can see if things are where you’re hoping they’ll be. Turns out my new site works on a bunch of them, but on one, Firefox that can be used with a Mac, my Adsense that’s presently on the left bleeds into my content, and that’s a bad thing, and explains a comment I got from someone this week who said my Adsense was blocking 1/3rd of my content; heck. Unfortunately, nothing I can do about that, since I don’t know how to get into PHP just yet (but I did get a lesson, so I’ll be looking into something when I have time). Otherwise, it works great in Firefox in Windows.

Overall, in the major browsers, it looks right except for Opera, and I guess I’ll just deal with that for the time being. Anyway, if you’re creating websites, give it a shot.

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