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  • Ben Tremblay says:

    I wasn’t using the service to it doesn’t affect me really, but it’s sad when good projects/ideas like that (maybe not that good because it seems like it’s failing but..) die. Thanks for sharing that.

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    • I stopped using it on my other blog about 18 months ago, and was actually surprised anyone was still using it, and realized it was still around. John Reese seems like a good guy who came up with a pretty good idea, but couldn’t close the deal. But, as he wrote, it’s sad when an idea fails like this one did.

  • Chris Jacobson says:

    I had a feeling it wouldn’t last once the big name bloggers started removing the widget from their sites months ago.

  • I didn’t use blogrush anyway. It’s highly likely that many of these websites will shut down in the current economic downtime, unless it is family run or by one individual all alone. People are seriously running short of money!

    • Actually, I think we’re going to see more websites going up because of the economy. You should see all the commercials that claim to teach people how to make millions of dollars online lately.

  • Dot Com Dud says:

    BlogRush hasn’t been effective for a long time and it seems like most traffic exchange systems have this issue. When they are new, they work but over time readers become blind to them and click rates take a nose dive.

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    • The problem with BlogRush is that many of us put it on our site, but people didn’t visit our sites to go to sites whose content didn’t quite match what we were writing about. And it didn’t equal our traffic, and couldn’t figure out how to track our traffic.

  • “Going up doesn’t mean staying up”; actually, it probably does, at least for 2 years. Remember, most people don’t think about taking either their websites or blogs down; they just let them die out.

  • You Know I had a different opinion of blogrush. I had literally abandoned a blog 6-9 months ago with a blogrush widget and after analyzing the stats I realized that blogrush had kept redistributing the old material. There was stuff showing up as hot that I had no idea people where still interested in. As a matter of fact I just wrote an article about it the day before it disappeared so I guess I am the only one sad to see it go.

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    • I think I either read yours or someone else’s a day or two before it shut down, asking why they were still using it, mainly because I’d thought it was already gone. It just didn’t work for me, or for many other people.

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