Am I narcissistic or what? Actually, I don’t think so, but I’ve participated in another interview for a blog called, nicely enough, It’s a blog where the owners get recommendations for people they should talk to, and they have a series of questions that they ask every participant to respond to.

I have no idea who passed my name on, but hey, it’s all about publicity, right? My interview was fun and interesting, and if I say so much I feel like I’m the first one who answered the questions in the proper manner. You know, sometimes I think many people just don’t know how to answer certain types of questions because it’s beyond their purview. I remember years ago, during a leadership training session, where a group of nurses were asked specific questions about how they’d handle a brand new employee. Thing is, the questions didn’t pertain to anything any nurse with any sense at all would do, so they all got confused, instead of seeing it as an exercise into one’s thinking process.

Now, here’s the next part, which is another reason I’m mentioning this. I guess people who stop by get to vote on your interview, and the top vote getter for the month earns money of some kind. They pay out around $950 total to the top 18 rated bloggers. I have no idea what first place is, but hey, I’m as competitive as the next person, so I’d like to encourage y’all to follow that link and give me a thumbs up, or however it all works. Help make me some money; doesn’t cost you anything except clicking on a link, then clicking on this little button at the top left of the post that says “vote now”; I had to go look for it myself.

Oh yeah; I’ll also be featured on my friend Beverly Mahone’s internet radio show Passions the next two weeks, and they’ll be the last two weeks because she’s landed a real radio show in the North Carolina area; how’s that for being special? Congrats to Beverly for that, and who knows, maybe I’ll find a way to get on real radio as well. 🙂

Look at me; guest blogging, interviews… now if I can only start making some money from all of it! lol

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