Have you ever wondered what makes a movie good? Actually, there’s no real formula to it at all. That’s because every single person has their own ideas of what makes a movie good or not. For instance, I went to see the movie John Carter with a friend of mine and we both liked it, but the reviews ended up coming in close to 50-50 as far as who liked it and who didn’t.

I Like You!

Why bring that up? Because many people say that what worries them about starting a blog is worrying about whether or not people will like it. I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter who likes it as long as the person writing it likes it, and I stick with that. None of us can please everyone, and the topics we select aren’t going to be for everyone. Do you believe that the entire world is interested in the topic of blogging, whether or not they blog?

There’s obviously nothing wrong with being liked, but when did that become the criteria for whether we do something or not? I can’t believe how many parents I see who don’t really parent their kids because they’re afraid of not being liked? I can’t believe how many teachers won’t do their job and fail a kid that deserves it because they’re afraid that neither the school or the parents will like them.

Blogging and writing are supposed to be about truth, perceived or real. If you have something to say, say it. If it’s stupid you’ll know soon enough. Some people thrive off being stupid; we call them trolls. But the majority of us try to be honest and relatively kind, even when we’re griping about something.

But if you let that type of thing hold you back too much, then you’re not worth anything to anyone. It’s never the opinions one has that makes people upset so much as how they say what they have to say. Think about that if you’re worried about being liked or not.

Every person needs to have their own voice on their blogs. Authenticity is the only thing that really counts in blogging. If you’re authentic, even people who might not share your interests might still read what you have to say because they feel your passion. Those who don’t care what you have to say or aren’t interested in your passion… those people aren’t your audience. You will find your audience if you write, and of course if you cultivate them. If you can get to 50-50 you still get to call your blog a success.

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