There’s an interesting debate in the blogging world on whether blog posts should have images or not. Some people believe that every single blog post should have an image. Some people believe that there shouldn’t be an image on a blog post that doesn’t go with whatever the post is about. Some people believe that images are for the weak minded and that people should be able to visualize whatever you’re talking about based on their words.

when all else fails,
cake saves the day 😉

My response to all of this? It depends; yeah, that looks wishy washy, but stick with me and I’ll explain myself.

Y’all know I have 5 blogs. On this blog for the past couple of years I’ve had at least one image in almost every single post. The exceptions have been when I’ve had videos in the posts instead. I’ve done what I could to make sure the image is pertinent to what I’ve been writing about, but it’s not always easy.

On my business blogs, it’s rare that I have images. On one I talk about the topic of leadership most of the time. Truthfully, there aren’t a lot of pictures that pertain to leadership. Well, I could have pictures of military people all the time, but that wouldn’t quite work out all the time. So I pick and choose when I’m going to have a picture. It works well in that space, but it’s not quite visually stimulating. The same for my SEO/social media blog; since I’m not a creative guy when it comes to things like that most of the posts don’t have any kind of image at all.

So, the response to whether one needs an image or not is answered that way. The other question is, if you’re going to have an image, does it always have to pertain to the topic. The response… it depends. Notice a theme?

This blog is about anything I want it to be, even if lately I’ve been talking about blogging. I like having at least one image for every post, but since there aren’t many images concerning blogging it means I either have to figure out a way to be really creative or just pick something that I think looks pretty cool. That’s what I’ve been doing with this series. Also, for long blog posts, which happens more often on this blog than any of my other blogs, having images throughout the post helps break up all the text, no matter what those images portray.

Could I do that with my business blogs? I could, but I’ve decided not to since in those spaces I’m trying to educate or inform most of the time. That and the articles are shorter.

However, there’s one last thing I’d like to bring up. Some weeks ago I talked about Google Plus as a viable social media option. One of the best things about Google+ is that if you post a link and there are images, they’ll show up in the space, and it makes the posting look kind of cool. Links without an image look bland, as opposed to seeing those types of links on Twitter, and I’ve noticed that fewer people look at those posts, not just mine but those of others. So, even if the image doesn’t seem to be pertinent, if it’s a good image people will tend to at least look at your post on Google+. As a new player in the game, suddenly it makes images a big deal. Now, because I do have a profile picture on each blog, I still get to post my articles there because at least it’s a picture, even if some people get sick of my face. 🙂

When all is said and done, each person should decide how pictures work for them in their content. Think about your posts; how do you use images, if you do?

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