In a post last week, when addressing blog posting frequency, I said I was going to have a series on blogging tips this month. This is the first in the series, and I’ve decided to not only post a bunch of these tips, but also decided to go after the search term “blogging tips”. No, I’m not expecting to get to number one, but being found somewhere on the search engine for that phrase wouldn’t depress me. Right now I’m nowhere; let’s see if this bit of SEO works, as I’ll mainly have it only in the title.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

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You often see conversations talking about the proper length of blog posts. In my last post, at #8, I stated that there’s nothing wrong with long posts as long as you’re still saying something with all those extra words. I’m here to tell you today that there’s no magic number of words for blog posts.

You as the writer do have to consider what’s long for you and your particular audience. For instance, if you’re telling a story of some kind, then length doesn’t matter because a story is a story; people love stories. If you’re instructing someone on how to do something they might find important, length doesn’t matter.

But what if you were talking about something that could be better told in multiple posts than trying to get it all into one post? For instance, maybe you’re going to talk about how to write code for specialized software? It would probably be best to write something like that in multiple posts rather than cramming it all into one.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin. One line as a post doesn’t make a blog. Two paragraphs all the time probably doesn’t make a real blog post either. Very short posts makes it seem like either you have no idea what you want to write about or you don’t know enough about your topic to be able to convey whatever your topic is. They feel incomplete if they’re too short.

I’ve seen very short posts with quotations from famous people; once in awhile that might be interesting, but over and over… I’m not coming back. However, writing a quote, then writing your opinion on what that post means carries way more weight, both for your readers and your blog in general.

The idea about blogging is to make sure you hit one of 3 things: educate, entertain, or inform. However many words it takes to do one of those things is how many words it takes. Only you can decide how many words it takes to do it, but at the same time keeping in mind whether you’ve written enough for one post or enough for multiple posts.

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