Last Monday I was interviewed by a lady named Meloney Hall of Big Uptick Social Marketing, a consulting company that helps businesses with their social media presence. I had a good time and the interview is below, though be warned that it’s almost an hour long. Hey, you can put up with me for an hour of stories and advice can’t you? 🙂


Over the years I’ve always talked about blogging being a very crucial aspect of social media and marketing, and I’ve supported that view by pointing out the types of links that most people end up sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Outside of images, blog posts are probably number two, or at least a very close third to news stories, and at least in my Twitter stream blog posts are easily the top link shared.

Why is this so? People tend to share what they like for the most part and the blogging community is like no other. We read each other’s posts, and even if we don’t leave a comment sometimes we just feel like sharing a post we’ve come across with those who we’re connected to. Most of the time when I do it I offer a brief bit of commentary, but really it’s more about the sharing and approval of another post that’s pretty cool.

By the way, let me just say here and now that anyone who says that their sharing a link isn’t an endorsement of what’s at the link who hasn’t actually read the post is being disingenuous to both the writers and those who see those links. Sharing must be an endorsement of one or the other; otherwise, your credibility is shot and, well, who’d want to trust anything you had to say?

Anyway, in the interview I offer my thoughts on sharing, my thoughts on why if you’re representing a business or your own skills and such that it’s important to monitor how and what you say because there are many tales of someone crashing and burning when they thought they were just out there having fun. Remember, if it’s out there and even slightly intriguing it’ll remain forever, so bad behavior, which is your right, can also be your downfall.

What’s your general thought on the topic of blogging and social media? Let me know, and please, if you decide to watch the video leave a comment there or at least give it a thumbs up. And, if that’s still too long for you, then think about taking a gander at my 100th YouTube video where I gave a perspective on making videos and hitting my first true milestone with video. Yeah, I’m like that. 😉



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