Welcome to Black Web Friday; is the message starting to spread yet? I have to say that February was interesting because I saw a few more people across the web that were highlighting black social media people or bloggers and that was pretty neat. Of course, it was Black History month as well, and so far I haven’t found anyone who’s written about it in March except for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening, so if you find another list anywhere be sure to drop me a line; if my name is on it let me know sooner! 🙂

Black Web Friday

Here we go, and today might as well also be called Ladies Day. I’m starting off with my buddy Vernessa Taylor, who writes Local Business Coach Online. She talks about business development, both online and offline, social media, affiliate marketing, blogging, and a whole lot more. She also created the neat covers for my book on management and my management CD set which you see there on the left (go ahead, look at it, click on it to learn more, and then think about buying; I dare you lol). She also does business coaching, and has her categories lined up pretty neatly in the header. You’ll learn a lot from this blog with a standard commenting system.

Next we have the blog eponymously named Marlee Ward, and she talks about business; being in business, making business decisions, business motivation, etc. She gives a lot of tips to people thinking about working for themselves and man, is this a blog I need to read every once in awhile for a pick-me-up. I loved her post on figuring out when you’ve made it; great stuff. She also does business coaching, and one of these days I just might have to look her up for that.

The next blog is LogAllot by Sonia Winland, and it’s also a blog about business and business tips. She also talks about blogs and blogging design, as well as travel; that’s somewhat different from the norm. She’s got great taste as well as she included me in on her blogs of the month series in February. You might think this is a bit of quid pro quo but she was already on the list to be highlighted.

Business is the theme today and that brings us to the last person being highlighted, Pamla Whorne. Her blog is also about business and business tips, as well as marketing, publicity, blogging and being online. She does consulting, speaking, and teaching, has courses, and is a published author. She considers herself a social media junkie and technology geek; aren’t we all? 🙂 This lady knows how to market; I definitely need to study her lessons better.

That’s it for this week; have a great and safe weekend.

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