Black Web Friday – 3/23/12

OMG, is it time for this again? Absolutely, and I’m glad to be able to share this week’s group with you on what I lovingly call Black Web Friday. It’s turning out to be a more popular series than I could have hoped for, as 4 weeks have been in the top 50 in the last 30 days, 3 of them in the top 50 since the day I started them, which was January 20th. This means that today is the 10th edition, and I’ve now been doing this for two months; wow. And on this date in 1920 my grandmother was born; seems to be the only black history thing of significance to anyone, in this case me.

Black Web Friday

With that, let’s get started. First out of the gate is a blog by Twanna Hines called Funky Brown Chick. I’ve been connected to Twanna on Facebook for years, though I’m not sure if we’ve talked all that often. She talks about relationships and writes about adult issues; that’s about as far as I’m going with that. I think she’s very entertaining and has a lot to say that should interest a lot of people, and I also think she’s very stylish. Definitely deserves to be checked out, and it’s a standard commenting system so it’s easy to leave comments.

Kharim Tomlinson may look tough in his pictures, but his blog Webmaster Success is a compendium of information about online stuff and social media that it’s worth looking into. He’s Jamaican and in my mind that’s close enough to qualify him as American (he might object but I’m writing this lol) and therefore he fits into being recommended. Many of the posts are guest posts, so you don’t always get the true essence of his thoughts, but he’ll pop one out at least once a month or so, and he is the owner, and the information might be something you’re looking for. Standard commenting system, so go for it.

Chris Fields is the owner of Cost of Work, which is his blog on human resources and employment issues. He will address problems black people have in the workplace, which are numerous, but he’ll also talk about employment and jobs in general, as well as create some interesting articles that remind me of some of the connections I’ve made, like this post on gaming in the office to keep employees entertained enough so that they’ll also be engaged in getting their work done. Very cool stuff, and once again standard commenting process.

That’s it for the week; have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “Black Web Friday – 3/23/12”

  1. Mitch, this is another nice roundup. I enjoy getting to know about all of these sites.

    I remember Kharim from BloggerLuv.

    Thanks for the update!



  2. If I am not wrong edition #10, Mitch. Again I have seen only one of those blogs previously and this is webmaster success, which offer excellent content always, more importantly up to date. Have a great weekend, Mitch.

      1. It is coming very good for me and for all readers, actually I am selling the my flagman website and looking for new ideas, so this category is very handy. Haha, probably you will be the first to know as I will change the avatar, wow.

  3. Hey there Mitch. First time visiting your blog and it’s because I saw your blog link appeared on my blog as an incoming link.

    I would like to thank you for the mention.Yep I am Jamaican but not really a tough one 😀

    I have been doing guest posting and that’s why more people come to my site to do guest post as well. Plus I am busy with my job and working on another upcoming website.

    I will start blogging more often again and also do some video blogging in the coming month 🙂

    Thanks again Mitch.

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