Black Web Friday – 2/17/12

Welcome to the next edition of Black Web Friday. I start out this week with an interesting development from this week that I think comes across as ridiculous, yet something that I’m going to address anyway.

Black Web Friday

In a community group on Empire Avenue, I decided to mention that I was writing these series of Firday posts on black people that are in social media and that blog. I only got one response, and it was kind of strange. The person who wrote it stated that maybe writing this series helps my blog, but it could hurt those I’m linking to by being associated with being known as a black “whatever”, since the web is supposed to be for everybody.

Of course my immediate reaction was if the web was truly for everyone I wouldn’t have started the series to begin with. As I looked at another list this week of 100 important blogs people we should know that had at least 2 black people on the list (both have been featured here in some fashion) and thus comes to a whopping 2%, I’m thinking that at this juncture any positive publicity is good publicity. Still, it’s possible that some of the people I’ve named and others I haven’t named yet but are thinking about might not want to be identified as a black blogger. Just because I think I’m doing a good thing doesn’t mean that someone might not disagree if it’s applied to them.

Therefore, if you’re a black blogger that wants to make sure you’re not mentioned on this blog ever, please check out my contact page and send me an email and I won’t mention you, and you can stay anonymous by not having to “out” yourself in a comment. Your removal frees up a spot for someone else and makes a part of my life easier; and there won’t be any hard feelings because, trust me, I actually would understand.

With that out of the way let’s get to our listing for today. The first site I’m going to introduce today is called Black Business Space, which is kind of a black blogging/networking site that reminds me of the now defunct BloggerLuv site. People can sign up and network with other black business owners, create their own blogs on the site, advertise, join communities, and the like. The site looks popular but I’m not going to lie; it has some formatting issues if you ask me and I’m not crazy about the fact that it doesn’t have an About page. But I’ve talked to the guy that created it in the past, Lee Green, and he’s a good guy with vision, so I hope the site is doing everything he’s hoped it would.

The next site I’m highlighting today is called Traffic Coleman, written by a guy named Antonio Coleman. What’s really strange is that I’ve seen him all over the blogosphere and he’s had to have seen me, yet we’ve never talked and this is really the first time I’d ever visited his blog. Of course it’s possible I’ve visited and not stayed because he has a Disqus comment system, which I won’t comment on, but that doesn’t detract from the rest of his site. He calls himself the “Black SEO Guy”, so that pretty much tells you what he writes about often enough, although I found a lot of articles on writing, marketing, and things that have to do with being online. Knowing that he’s been all over the internet and lots of blogs, why he doesn’t show up on anyone’s lists outside of this one escapes me.

The final site I’m mentioning today is called That Tech Chick, written by Jessica Benton. She not only talks tech but fashion and social media, and I like the clean design of her site. She uses the WordPress commenting system and her writing style is really engaging. I found her most recent post about Pinterest interesting because I’ve been wondering whether it’s a fad or something that will stick around for awhile, especially since there’s already been a new release that’s geared towards men called Gentlemint. The stuff people come up with!

There you go, 3 more black social media sites and blogs worth your attention. Check them out, and be sure to tell them how you found them if you decide to comment on those sites; well, at least the last two, since you can’t really comment on the first. Enjoy your weekend. 😉

13 thoughts on “Black Web Friday – 2/17/12”

    1. Interesting test Jacko, but a very nice try. The way you asked a couple of questions are kind of, well hard to respond to. I doubt there’s a single American who would know that Michael Jackson was the first American to appear in an ad in the Soviet Union so guessing the other one seemed to make a lot of sense, even though I thought he was #1. And some of the other folks you did mention I might have selected other things they were more famous for. Course I kept looking for Rosa Parks name to come up since you used her clue often enough. lol

  1. Hey Mitch,

    I wanted to check out your Black Friday post today.

    I remember when I read your other one you got me to thinking about how many people I know who blog that are black. I believe at that time I had mentioned a few in my comment section that I’m associated with.

    The only person on your list today I’m familiar with is Antonio Coleman. I have mixed feelings about him I will admit. He approached me some time last year and was a gun ho. I soon learned from him that he’s one of those people who does the one liner comments. He likes to brag about making so much money and being everywhere but he has put a very bad taste in a lot of bloggers mouths. He’s all in this for him and no one else so I had to start banning his comments on my blog. I don’t like to speak bad about anyone but I learned my lesson after associating myself with him.

    Thanks for the introduction of Lee Green and Jessica Benton. I’ll have to drop by for a visit soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Thanks for the commentary Adrienne. I have no real history with him and I judge people based on my interactions with them, and of course for the series their performance in their own space. Based on that he deserves to be on the list. Course he’s never commented here and I’ve just noticed him so I can’t talk about that on my own. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series though and some of the people you mentioned on the first post are on the list. 🙂

  2. I have seen two of those 3 websites and commented in the past, always good content and quality photographs, but I must admit that I haven’t visit both for quite a long time.
    About the first part of the post, I don’t think that part of key phrase can hurt your blog in any case Mitch. Search engines don’t understand what words mean, for computer program this is just string without meaning.

    1. Thanks Carl. I was thinking the same thing because, at least right now, most of what comes up is the phrase is typed in links to talking about Black Friday holiday sales. Hey, if I can compete with that in some fashion, I’ll be able to say I’ve done something special! lol

      1. Without a doubt, you will be able to get to the top until this time of the year comes and this means a lot of traffic worldwide, for many keywords related to “Black Friday”.

  3. Mitch, as always, you give us some value. I have never heard of two of these sites and I have only briefly visited Antonio’s blog.

    Being a word nerd, I couldn’t help but notice Adrienne’s malaprop: “gun ho” instead of gung ho. That might get her in trouble in some parts. LOL



  4. Hi Mitch,

    Enjoyed our Skype chat earlier!

    Of your three listings today, I’m only familiar with Traffic Coleman. I occasionally read one of his articles. Black Business Space looks interesting. Too much for me to check out tonight, but I’ll give it another visit soon. Always nice to know there’s another “tech chick” out there. For the ladies in the house, Ms. Benton put together a roundup of lady-like iPad cases. I thought that was kinda neat!

    Good spotting this week, Mitch.

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