Black Web Friday – 05/11/12

This is week #17 of Black Web Friday, and it’s a couple of days before Mother’s Day, so if you didn’t already know about it or didn’t remember it you now know. I’m not doing anything special with this post for that reason, but I have come to a decision about the series.

Black Web Friday

I started the series with a specific purpose, that being to help bring to the forefront the reality that there are websites and blogs written by people of color. It’s been a glorious and fun journey, but in looking at things now I don’t think I’ve been able to achieve the purpose I wanted to achieve.

What’s happened is that most visitors know what’s coming on Friday, and since overall it’s not their cup of tea they’re just skipping these posts. The initial hope had been that folks would at least take a look, see the topics black folks might be writing about, and decide if the topic was worth looking at. Instead, not only are they bypassing it, but most of the time the people and websites included here are bypassing it as well. Since there’s no real way to achieve its purpose as a live event, so to speak, I think it’s time to put it on hiatus.

But the hiatus isn’t today. The hiatus will be May 25th, the last Friday of the month, heading into Memorial Day weekend. That means 2 more weeks after this one, unless they’re suddenly an outpouring of people clamoring for more; yeah, like that’s going to happen. It’s been fun, but all good things must end.

With that said, let’s get into it.

This is definitely something different. The blog Beyond Black And White is managed by Christelyn D. Karazin, and is more of a consortium of bloggers with a common goal. There are 5 other black women and one Asian male that write on the site, which means there are often multiple posts on the same day. The topic are pretty general; they can be fashion, politics, technology… pretty much just like every day life, with one exception. There are also lots of articles about interracial relationships and race relations in general. As I said, it’s something different and I like it, so check it out. It’s a Livefyre commenting system.

For once I’m highlighting a new blog, but there’s a reason for it. It’s called The Money Chat and it all about financial issues. Dorethia R. Conner is the owner of the blog and she has other contributors that help her out. She gets a mention because she just went the self hosted route in April after writing on Blogger for a long time, so there are a lot of older articles there that I assume she’s not going to move to the new space, yet are worth checking out. Unfortunately the new blog is also a Disqus blog, so I might read but obviously won’t be commenting.

Stella Anokam‘s eponymously named blog talks about internet marketing, something I know a lot of people love to read about. She talks a lot about blogging, getting traffic, business tips, building mailing lists, and social media. There’s a lot of good stuff there and it’s written concisely and well. One topic in particular that I bet a lot of you would like to check out is this post titled Profit Financially From Blogging In 9 Simple Strategic Steps, For Beginners. And it’s a standard commenting system; can’t beat that.

Finally today I present another black news and commentary source, Your Black Bloggers. Multiple writers comment on the topics of the day, which includes President Obama saying yesterday that he now endorses same sex marriages (about time). Let me warn you; everything here isn’t necessarily warm and fuzzy, since some of the opinions and topics will be perceived as controversial. But being a little bit edgy hasn’t hurt that many people, has it?

That’s it for today; two more weeks to go.

8 thoughts on “Black Web Friday – 05/11/12”

  1. After reading the first two paragraphs I thought that I will start comment this way, those are good reasons why I believe that this section will be very successful. Another excellent selection of blogs and honestly even before finish writing this comment, I’ve already tried to comment on some of those blogs. Have a great weekend, Mitch.

  2. There are a ton of awesome black bloggers in the blogosphere. I’m in 4 FB groups where I am the minority, so I’ve been able to get exposure to some brilliance there. I’ll happily read your Friday series. Tea is okay, but I love coffee, and this has to do with neither–just good blogs which I always look for. 😉

    1. Thanks Amberr, and I’m glad that you have exposure to black bloggers, as well as bloggers of all types I assume. I’ve been doing this for awhile, and I hope that what ends up being left when I’m done finds its way into the overall blogosphere and helps others get found as well.

  3. I recognize bloggers of color, but I don’t mention their race when I write about them. I’m not trying to hide who their race, it’s just not something I’m thinking about when I write about them. Those posts aren’t specifically about people of color though. It’s whoever I find interesting.

    On my old personal site, I used to do a weekly spotlight where I’d recognize some of the amazing bloggers I’d met. Recently, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar on Celebrate Life.

  4. Hey Mitch, what you gotta do is switch up the day, then do a clever word play on the title so people don’t know when to expect it.

    Make sure you don’t mention it in the intro so when people click over they’re already a couple of paragraphs deep when suddenly…PSYCH! Guess what, it’s Black Web MONDAY!

    That said, you definitely did good, a heckofa lot more than I did that’s for sure. I’m impressed that you took this on and maybe someone else will pick up the torch!

    1. I hope so John, but I had a purpose in doing it the way I did. Too bad it didn’t help create a movement or get others engaged in any way but I guess that’s just how it goes. I gave it the good fight.

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