I just finished reading this blog entry from a guy who calls himself HoustonNY titled Black People Who Have Embarrassed Black America, and I have to say he pretty much got it right on the head, though I will always defend Michael Jackson to the end; long history there.

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However, he’s a relatively young man (okay, born in the 70’s, but still,…), and I think there’s more that has to be added to this list. Oh yeah, for those that don’t know it, I’m black myself, and I’ve been embarrassed by a lot of things that I keep to myself. But, well, it’s time; so,…

Isiah Thomas, for saying that it’s okay for black men to call black women the “B” word, but not for white people to call them that.

Kayne West, for being a punk because he thinks more about himself than others think about him.

Nas, for being immature to believe that naming his next album the “N” word is a good thing.

Ward Connerly, for thinking that the only way to make things balanced in the world is to make it harder for black people; how much can one man hate his own race (oh yeah, I keep forgetting about Clarence Thomas).

Onterrio Smith, for bringing the term “whizzinator” into the American lexicon.

Naomi Campbell and Foxy Brown, for not remembering that their rappers, nothing special, and that they don’t have the right to hit others and think they can get away with it. At least Li’l Kim was an adult about it all.

Bill Cosby, not for the message that he’s putting out now, but for how he’s doing it.

DMX, who can’t seem to understand that he not only can’t own any guns, but can’t take them with him to airports.

Troi Torain, the NYC DJ who said he wanted to kill another man’s wife and sexually molest his 4 year old while on the air, and the people who are bringing him back on the air.

Lawrence Phillips, a football player with lots of talent but no understanding that one can’t go around beating up women.

O.J. Simpson, who used up his Get Out Of Jail Card and still found his way back in; I guess he likes the food.

Marion Jones, for making us all believe you were just so much more talented than everyone else, smiling all the way to all those endorsements, then slamming us all on the back end. People want to slam Barry Bonds for alleged steroids use, but even if he did it, it wasn’t illegal in his sport; it was in yours.

The Playa’s Ball; I mean, an awards show for pimps?

Marcus Wesson, who killed 9 of his own family members, some of them born because of incest he caused.

Colin Ferguson, who shot 32 people on a train in New Jersey, saying he didn’t want to kill any of them while in New York in tribute to the black mayor at the time, David Dinkins

I think that’s enough; I’m depressing myself. Thanks HoustonNY! 🙁

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