I hope you enjoyed the first part of this little series on the best free software, and now here’s some more you may or may not known about.

Blogger – Those of you who are long time readers of this blog know how much I hate going to Blogger blogs, so this might seem like an odd contradiction for me. This is probably the easiest way for people to get into blogging if they want to explore what the world of blogging is all about. However, if you’re looking to really do something with a blog, get out! 🙂

WordPress – We’ve gone from my least favorite to my most favorite. Maybe you can’t totally customize everything, but there’s thousands of themes, and if you have any knowledge whatsoever you can change different things on all of them. Of course, this is a WordPress blog; yeah!

Meebo – I actually wrote a post on Meebo in February, so you know this will probably be a positive review. It’s an online service that allows you to connect to multiple IM’s at the same time. Yes, there are many other services that do this, but the beauty of it is that you can add a window to a website and, if you’re logged in, people who visit your website can talk to you. Read my post and see the images I showed from one of my business sites.

Trillian – If you don’t want to be locked into having to use a browser to access multiple IM’s, then Trillian is the way to go. I use Trillian more often than Meebo, I have to admit, mainly because I don’t want to hold what I call office hours all the time, and if I’m signed onto Meebo I will be.

Google Toolbar – Almost as much as I love Google Desktop, I love having Google Toolbar on my browser. Sure, most browsers today have something built in already, but there’s just something about having the toolbar wherever I decide to place it that works well for me.

Greasemonkey – I’m surprised I’ve never really written about Greasemonkey except in passing a couple of times, but I love this thing. What it does is allows you to change certain things on webpages you visit that either you want to eliminate, or that you want to look differently. As opposed to Stylish, which changes the entire look of a site, Greasemonkey is more specific. For instance, on Facebook, I’ve added a couple of scripts which make the pictures bigger if I hover over them, and I’ve added one that eliminates some of the advertising, though not all of it; I might have to go back and take care of the rest of it at some point.

PDF995 -I actually loved a different program, but that’s before I ended up with a Vista computer, which wouldn’t run the sucker. This program works pretty well, and it’s free, but with the free version you have to deal with a little bit of advertising every time you use it. But it gets the job done, which is creating pdf files.

And there you go. I hope you’ve enjoyed this, and found something useful.

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