Being In Heaven

If you loved the movie The Secret and you enjoyed the movie What The Bleep, and maybe enjoyed or heard in passing about a movie called The Opus, I think you might be ready for the latest installment in motivational movies.

It’s called Being In Heaven, and it’s the story about a guy who loses everything, then finds people to give him guidance as he finds his way out of all his problems. Not only does he find ways to make money, but ways to live a better life overall.

Once again, it’s an Australian film, and last October they actually showed the film all over the continent in movie theaters. They seem to do it right there, because they didn’t quite do that when The Secret came out, and I think people would have been blown away seeing it on the big screen; it blew me away watching on my own TV at home. Below is a trailer for the movie:

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what the banners are for. It seems that I’m on a mailing list of people who love motivational movies, and they actually wrote me and asked me if I’d like to be an affiliate for the movie. What kind of idiot would I be if I didn’t hop on that? If the trailer is enticing you, then you can click on the banner ad above or below and check it out.

Just so you know, you’re buying the movie from Australia, but when I bought The Secret I bought it from Australia as well, which is why I have the original instead of the one that’s in the stores here now; trust me, there are big differences in the two movies. I think y’all are going to enjoy this one; I’ve already ordered mine.

11 thoughts on “Being In Heaven”

  1. I have the book, The Secret, I completely forgot that it was made into a movie too. I rarely watch tv or movies, but I would watch this since I do like movies that are about motivation, nature, or documentaries.

    I haven’t heard of this movie. This movie looks really good. How long did it take to be sent from Australia.?

    1. It takes about 4 weeks to receive the movie from Australia; that’s how long it took me to receive The Secret as well. I love these motivational movies; you can watch them over and over and they just make you feel good.

    1. Thanks; I never even knew there was a setting for that. Shows I wasn’t paying total attention. lol

  2. I’m adding these to my Netflix cart … those that are available. I’ve seen and own The Secret but didn’t even know about the others.

    Thanks, Mitch.

  3. It sounds similar to what is going on with me right now, I hope things will start improving from next month. I am mad at myself that I let things going around me. I need to step inside the problem and fix it.

    1. Carl, I like to say that every day we all have another chance to start over. I’m sure you’ll do what you need to do to be successful; good luck on the journey.

  4. It sounds like a really great theme ans isn’t that what we look for when we have a problem? We look for someone or some kind of guidance on the way out….

    1. You’re right, Cheryl. I often go back to these movies whenever I feel I need a burst, and I always see and learn something I hadn’t gotten from it before.

  5. Mitch, in my time we called it prayer and the universe was called God. In my opinion, mind you, it is strictly mine and I do not intend to pontificate on it, The Secret is repackaged for people who are uncomfortable with the word God or prayer. I can assure you that I have been attracting a lot of good things in my life by the simple at of prayer and faith.

    1. You could be right, Rummuser. I am one of those people uncomfortable with both of those & other things. However, there are many people of faith who love The Secret also, so they might see it differently than both of us. Still, if it makes people feel good, I have no problem with any of it.

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