I understand that we’re living in different times. The need for some to communicate their thoughts faster, and sometimes in fewer words or characters, is more common now than ever before. Schools seem to be more interested in grading students on the content of what they’re written, rather than the words and sentence structure used to create those words. I asked this one awhile ago, and I’ll ask it again; does anyone except me still use semicolons?

What am I commenting on now? This is an email I received yesterday:


I visited ur site n am interested in doin Link Exchange wid ur site, if u
r also interested thn pls get back 2 us on the above email.

i too got few automotive sites and blogs with good visitors on it ….
would u like to link exchange for betterment of both our sites ?

let me know if interested 😉

Link Exchange wid Blogroll

What the heck is that? Did a 10 year old just send me a marketing email? Oddly enough, I was insulted, and I’m still not sure why. Just an hour later I received another one, though longer, on my TFB blog, which I just sent to spam and deleted, written the same way. Not to mention that it had nothing to do with the topic at hand, just a stupid generic sales letter. Here’s a portion of that letter, and remember, that particular blog of mine is on financial issues:

I am a webmaster maintaining some finance related sites & blogs with good pr & good traffic. I have just seen ur sites, it is really very informative & related to my topic also. If u don’t mind I want u as my link partner.
I think this is the only way to get high traffic & pr soon, in other side this is very safe way in front of the search engine. I do interested abt healthy content or banner link exchange with my top quality finance sites & blogs. If it is needed I will go for article or useful finance widget link exchange.
If u agree with my proposal plz feel free to reply me with ur good finance sites & blogs urls. I will also do the same with a revert mail.

That’s exactly how it came. No spacing for paragraphs; lots of truncated words; nothing about my topic at all. Is this serious business? Would anyone in their right minds consider this as appropriate business conversation?

We talk often about writing new, good, and original content for our visitors on our blogs. One shouldn’t suppose, however, that blog writing is more important than business writing. When I was a director, I used to edit every letter that anyone on my staff wrote that they were planning on sending out to our clients, if you will, not because I wanted them to write as I write, but because I would see examples of their writing and formatting “skills” and decided that wasn’t the image I wanted to convey to our clientele. At some point I created templates for them to use, where they could just fill in the blanks for those issues that were common. Unfortunately, that type of thing doesn’t work across the board, and sometimes you do have to craft original letters.

I don’t begrudge anyone an occasional typo, but those two letters above were written that way on purpose. Frankly, the only reason I kept a copy of each of them was so I could write this post; I’m not responding to either one of them. If that’s how someone wants to write on their blog, or if that’s how someone wishes to comment on another person’s blog, that’s just fine for them. But when it comes to business communications,… well, if they start wondering why they’re not getting much of a return on their marketing, I bet we could tell them why.

Or am I talking like an old person? Someone let me know.

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