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This is a short post, more of an advertisement than anything else; hey, I’m due.

If you remember, I wrote a post about writing articles for people. I’m expanding that a little bit, because obviously I just have way too much time on my hands.

I’m going to be writing article packages and putting them up on my Services and Stuff site under the Articles heading, then Article Packages as the main topic. I’m selling the article packages off that site. Right now, I’ve only put two up, but I will be writing more and putting more article packages on there as I go along.

I’ve gone out of my way to write these articles so that they don’t have my personality. Each article is between 400 and 900 words; that’s a guarantee for any package, at least on the low end.

And there you go. What are the topics? Well, you’ll have to go to the packages link to see for yourself; I’m trying to drive traffic there, after all. I hope you help spread the message, and who knows, you might even decide to buy a package for your own use. Thanks; commercial over.

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    • Thanks Sire. Actually, it was. When I’m writing on this blog, I can write 1,000 words on a whim. Writing for others, and making sure I can break it up into multiple articles, I have to curb myself. I’m really glad I have the blog so I can let loose from time to time.

    • i agree with sire writing 500 words is hard enough but writing a 1000 word post is twice as hard and takes a lot of dedication and planning to make all of your ideas mesh well together

      almir´s last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

      • Almir, I think it always depends on what you’re writing about. Unless I’m doing a research post, once I’ve decided on what to write about I just start writing. Back in the day of typewriters, when I had to write everything, it took longer because my hand would get tired. With keyboards, one can just write and write because even typos don’t mean as much because, if you’re paying attention, the little red line will highlight and you can always go back to fix it (unless the typo turns out to be a word on its own). As much as I write, if it took me all that long to write I’d never get much done; same with reading.

        For instance, the two articles (which, if you followed the link to the article packages page, I’m selling for $51.25 each), each took less than 90 minutes. The first one, on Twitter, took less than an hour, but I didn’t really have to research that one. The second took almost 90 minutes because I needed to do some research on that one. That doesn’t include the outline time, which, for Twitter, took almost no time, but the other took maybe 15 minutes, just because I wanted to make sure each topic was different enough.

  • good luck with the selling Mitch 🙂 you might want to think about giving a bit more detail on the articles you´re selling, like title and exact word count per each article 😉

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    • Hi Mirjam. I can’t give titles because I didn’t give any titles to any of the articles. I figure that’s up to the people who use them to do, plus I’m hoping they change at least some words here and there. I did think about giving word counts, though; I might go back and add that part. It was late when I was doing it, and I just wanted to get something up ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • You´re welcome, noticed that you put up titles now as well. See, it doesn´t matter whether they are gonna change those titles or not, at least now they know more about what they are buying, after all… $51 for 10 PLR articles isn´t gonna be all that easy to sell so the more info, the better 🙂

    (ever tried selling them on digitalpoint forum?)

    Mirjam´s last blog post..Affiliate Marketer Back from Holiday

    • I don’t know the digitalpoint forum, so that would be a big no. lol I’ll have to check that out. And I put up the topics, not titles, so I’m still hoping no one uses those as titles.

  • Donace | The Nexus says:

    $50 for 10 unique articles is great especially if you think that freelancers charge about $0.03 per word…your average at $9 per article at that rate! and 70% of the times those $0.03 writers are shit so it looks like a great deal even if it is limited PLR…the only issue is once you sell them once you lose control of the article so limiting distribution post that is difficult at best (esp. if Buyer 1 submits it to article directories).

    In terms of reach I suggest you hit up Digital Point Forum (it is a good place where I outsource one two things), Warrior Forum (been there once didn’t like the atmosphere but is a good loc) and lastly (my fav place for info and outsourcing and networking)…The people are crude and rude at first but once you establish a rep (usually means dolling out a few free review copies) the work comes pouring in..loads of big wigs in need of content there…give your service a slight twist and it’ll get lapped up ;)(though your writing is great IMO so shouldn’t be an issue).

    Speaking of myself…having good fortune with my two niche sites I feel like expanding in the coming months when time allows and will need a great writer whose writing I like, so hit me up with an email /gtalk and perhaps we can work out a deal!

    • Hi Donace,

      I’m not worried about losing control of these articles because they’re not written in my style, and so others can use them however they wish. You see how I write here, nothing I put on this blog, or any of my other blogs, looked canned in any fashion. My belief is that one wouldn’t know they were written by me unless they bought them from me, but I could be kidding myself on that one.

      I have put it up on Warrior Forum and SSWT, but I guess I have to wait 7 days before I can post an ad on Digital Point, which I just learned about from Mirjam. That, and of course CommentLuv and Twitter, might help me get the word out on them. We’ll see where it goes; no one can fault me for trying something different, right?

  • Donace | The Nexus says:

    I found it! the holy grail! Mitch’s Spelling mistake!!!!!

    Though losing control was more in the view of other prospective buyers then yourself.

    If buyer 1 sends it to AD’s = 100’s of same copy published out there and Buyers 2 value of te article is vastly diminished if not made worthless as those articles from AD are free to use as long as credit to the AD are given.

    I know you can still rank with PLR…granted not well but you can rank and it has many other uses…just food for thought 😉

    • Okay, you’ve got me wondering; where’s the spelling mistake, and are you sure it’s not a typo? Me, misspell; no way! But I’m missing it.

      As for the PLR, truthfully, my hope and expectation is to sell at least 10 sets of each, and move on from there. At $5 an article, it gives someone a nice boost for their blogs or websites, and, if no one ends up buying any of these packages, I’ll just take them off the market and use them myself on

      But if I sell even one, I won’t use them. I can always write on the same topics, but choose my own words and style.

      And look; with comments, this post is now long enough so folks can see the pretty picture to the right there. 🙂

      • Donace | TheNexus says:

        Misspelling / Typo same thing … and it was in the last comment not article. (check first line ..because is missing a letter :p )

        Yea pretty pic! lol

        Back on topic, yea why not! lol but I myself enjoy writing with personality then generic stuff!

        Shot you a reply btw 😉

      • I see it in the mailbox; going to read it in a minute. And man, I’m not omnipotent! lol See, it is hard being me; folks expect perfection.

  • well Mitch i have a question how much are you offering these articles for especially if their 400 to 900 word articles?

    almir´s last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

  • I think writing a 1000 words article is not as hard as every one thinks. If I get to know the package i will recieve for such article i will surely sumbitte some to you.

    articles´s last blog post..Latest Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

    • It’s not all that hard, Kamaldeep, but one has to be writing about something they care about. When I’m writing for this blog, it’s easy; it’s a lot harder for my business blog, but when I write my newsletters, it’s easy once more. With my finance blog, I think I’ve only had one or two articles that have been that long. So, it’s all about perspective in a way.

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