Back in the early 90’s, MC Hammer was the man. There wasn’t anything this guy could do that could fail. Of course, time has a way of catching up to you, especially when you start believing all your own hype just a bit too much. So, Hammer soared, then crashed and burned, then slightly resurrected himself to get back to a place where he’s at least comfortable once again.

When the video for 2 Legit 2 Quit came out, I felt inspired in ways that no other video had inspired me up until that point. No, it wasn’t Thriller, and he wasn’t Michael Jackson, but for some reason I felt something in the message of this song, and I always wondered if that was part of the intention of making it or whether Hammer just felt like spending even more of the money that was coming to him way too fast.

No matter; it made me feel good, still makes me feel good, and it’s great to not only have James Brown being a part of it, but a good number of athletes are near the end that are, for the most part, hall of famers in their particular sports. By the way, pay attention to the kid, if you’ve never seen this video before; at one point it even looks like Hammer is impressed the kid could keep up with him.


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