When I was a kid, board games were a big deal. It was the 60’s, and there were only 3 real channels on TV (PBS was just starting), radio was mostly AM, and parents kicked kids out of the house whenever they could. So we played board games of all types; Candyland was one of my favorites, along with Life.

As I got older, it seemed board games were going out of vogue. I’m not sure if chess counts, but its heyday seemed to have come and gone. No one was playing checkers anymore. We were moving towards video games; I had the original Odyssey pong game, which we replaced later on with the Atari version because it not only had sound, but it was in color.

So, in my mind, I pretty much figured board games were going to the wayside like many other things. Oh sure, Trivial Pursuit had its moment, but you don’t hear much about that these days.

Then I was invited to play Scrabulous on Facebook, and realized just how much that game had taken off. It’s so popular that the creators, who obviously stole it from Scrabble, are trying to exact multi millions of dollars from the company for something I didn’t think they had any licensing rights for to begin with. But I also noticed that many other games that were only board games are being played, and in turn, suddenly there’s a hot market for these games that aren’t online, so that families and friends can get together and just have fun.

Well, never let me be one to try to fight trends; look below:

Scrabble Game

Scrabble Game

Only $17.98

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