I’m not going to say this is a new trend, but it’s something that’s happening with blogs that’s really irking me right now and it’s about time I talked about it. We’re about to talk about blog comments… kind of…

approve my comments
approve my comments!

I started commenting on more blogs recently, trying to show my support for bloggers because that’s the way things used to be. We would visit each other’s blogs and comment, and other people would see our comments and then they would visit our blogs and they’d comment… on and on.

Blogging used to be more of a community that it is now, possibly for two reasons. One, because there’s so many more blogs now than there used to be. Two, because a lot of people are setting up blogs only to try to market things that make money and aren’t interested in talking to anybody else, let alone comments.

These days more people are moderating comments, and I understand that. I don’t actually moderate comments, but I have filters set up so that if certain types of things come to the blog the filters we’ll figure out if it’s spam or not. Sometimes it does put innocent comments into spam, but when I get around to it I pull them out of there, set them up as legitimate comments, and life is good.

So what’s happening? What’s happening is a two-fold thing.

The first is an old issue, which is not getting responses to comments. I’ve never liked that, but I understand at least to a certain degree. If you’re getting a hundred comments on every article you write, I can see you getting tired and deciding that you’ve had enough and you’re ready to write new content. Although I think it’s important to get back to people who comment on your blog, I can understand when it can be overwhelming.

The second thing seems to be a newer issue, and it’s irking me a lot. These are blogs that are moderating comments but they never make them live. In essence, I’ll leave a comment and I’ll never get a response because the comment never shows up on a blog post. I know this because I save the blog posts link in a file for every post I make a comment on. I stopped checking the box asking me to subscribe to comments because I would then get an email asking me to do all kind of stuff that I wasn’t interested in doing. So instead of going that route I save all links and then I’ll go back and check them out within two to three days to see if my comment’s shown up or see if I’ve received a response.

I started saving links back in October because I wanted to have a way to remember blogs I commented on. The ironic thing is that about 60% of the time I never see my comment show up. That’s unconscionable. What’s the point in accepting comments if you’re never going to allow the comments to show on a blog?

respond to blog comments
approve these cupcakes

Then again, it could be two things going against me. One, maybe it’s me that these bloggers don’t like, although most of the time if it’s people who know me they are approved my comment and pretty cool. If they don’t know me, why wouldn’t they like me (not that everyone who knows me likes me, but you know what I mean lol).

Or two, they’re doing it because they’ve written the post, responded to the earliest comments, then a comment comes in a week after the post went live and they moved on to something else. It’s a horrible excuse, and that’s not cool either.

For the second part, these aren’t blogs that have a lot of comments. I don’t know how well the blogs are ranked, and I don’t even know if they’re getting a lot of traffic. I do know that the latest comment I left on a particular blog only had two other people who’d commented, and the writer responded to them. The post was about 2 weeks old when I visited, and it wasn’t anyone I knew. I’d seen the link which was shared by someone I’m connected to on Twitter. Frankly, if it was my blog and I got a new comment a year later I’d still respond to it unless it was spam or stupid (there are some comments that aren’t spam but don’t say much, in which case I probably won’t respond but I’ll allow the comment).

Here’s the deal. You have a blog so that you can engage with people and grow your followers; at least I hope that’s what you’re trying to do. If you’re not going to engage with people on a continuous basis, you’re missing both a personal and business opportunity. No one likes to be ignored when they’re putting through some kind of effort and leaving a comment on your blog.

I tend to try to leave pretty good comments, thus there’s no reason why anybody should be ignoring them. It’s not that I think I’m better than anyone else, but I tend to believe if it’s being done to me it’s being done to others. If you’re not going to share people’s comments and you’re not going to respond to anyone, turn comments off and stop wasting our time!

That’s how I see things, and that’s my thought of the day. What do you the readers think about my position on this? Y’all let me know.

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