Ah, once again the topic of guest posts on blogs. For all the grief I feel about these things, while recognizing that they can offer some value, it turns out that I haven’t talked about it as much as I thought I had. It seems I mention it and then get away from it like I did with last week’s post on social networking (see #10).

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Yet, I have written about it; I’ve even done videos about it. Thus, it’s not my intention to repeat everything word for word again. Instead, I’m going to share the videos and the links of my previously talking about it while griping about a few more things this week regarding the subject.

The first… I’ve mentioned that I have an advertising policy on my finance blog, the only blog of mine that I’m presently taking articles for (although I’m thinking about accepting them for my medical site; no one’s asked about that one yet). These aren’t guest posts; they’re sponsored posts. In other words, if anyone wants to put an article on that site, they’re going to pay for the honor.

Why? I covered that back in 2013 on that blog; it was just so frustrating having to do all that editing all the time, especially while I was on the road consulting in another city. I mean really; if you’re asking if you can put a guest post on someone else’s space, at least make sure your article is written well. Is that really too much to do?

Actually it must be, because I’m still getting email from tons of people who ask if I accept guest posts (it says no on the main page), if I accept advertising (it’s right on the main page) and how much I charge (it’s in the advertising policy, which is on the main page). That’s what led me to write this article in 2012 griping about the problem with people who send guest posting requests.

Too many canned letters, too many people not even visiting the site to see what’s there; sigh… those and the lies they tell about how wonderful the blog is and sending me a link to an article I wrote (or a guest post that someone else wrote when I did accept guest posts), without saying anything about the article. Really; does that work on a lot of people?

It’s not that I’m against guest posting in general. Heck, I even gave some guest posting tips and talked about how to write a guest post, and you saw that my last article was originally a guest post on another site. I even wrote an article talking about using guest posting as a traffic strategy, as it can be a very valuable way to market oneself (though I don’t think it’s at the top). I’m not hating just to hate; I’m fussing because of the goofiness of it all sometimes.

Last week someone wrote me asking what the advertising policy was on my finance blog; sigh… I wrote and told him where to find it, since I happened to be out of town when I saw the email. Then we wrote me back and asked me how much each sponsored post was, which is in the policy. I wrote back saying how much it was and asking if he’d missed it in the policy.

He then wrote me back making me an offer that was less than half the amount I ask for, saying he was willing to send me 8 sponsored posts… which I really didn’t want to see coming from one source I didn’t know. I wrote back saying that was unacceptable and the rate was the rate. Then he wrote me back asking what my final offer was… what?!?! Y’all know I deleted that in a heartbeat.

This is a good time for a video about guest posting so I can take a breath…


Are y’all feeling me? I think I’ve covered about all I want to cover here, and for once you’re getting a relatively short article from me. I gave you lots of links and a video; nothing else to cover on this front for the moment.

I’d really like to know what your opinions are on guest posting requests, because I know I’m not the only one getting them. If you’re someone who uses guest posting as a strategy, do you think what I’m saying is fair or unfair? Go ahead, let me know; I’m out!

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