On occasion I’ve mentioned this WordPress plugin called All In One SEO. It’s supposed to help blogs with their search engine optimization goals. I first added the plugin back in May, I believe, so it’s had some time to do its thing with posts after that. Let’s see how things have gone for me.

I figure that a good month to look at is August. We know that there was a page rank update in late September, and since I’d been running the program for a few months at that point, it should have been able to do something with some of those posts, or so I’m thinking.

What do we find? Unfortunately, at this point I’m not a good endorsement for the program. Out of 16 posts for the month, 15 of those posts are totally unranked. One of the posts is ranked at 0 out of 10, which is supposedly better than being totally unranked, but not by much.

I do know how to use the All In One SEO program. For those unfamiliar with it, you have the option of leaving areas blank and letting the program take over, or adding in some words and having the program help to enhance whatever you’ve stated. The three areas you get to write something in are Title, Description, and Keywords. If you leave them blank, the program is supposed to take care of it for you, though I’m not sure how it knows what to do.

Anyway, I thought that was somewhat interesting, but I wanted to try to be even more fair. So I went through all the posts for both June and July, and even thought to take a look at September, when comment started to grow. Nothing, nada, zip. I really wasn’t expecting anything for September, but one would think that at least one of my posts would have even a zero; nope.

Now, what I have done is gone into Google and looked up some of my titles, and they do show up on the search engines. But since I write my titles, one would expect that they’d show up, so that’s not really much of a test.

What does this tell me? Is the All In One SEO program at fault because it’s not doing what I was hoping it would do, or am I at fault for not purposely taking more time in making sure that whatever I’m writing about has lots of keywords to help it generate them? In other words, am I supposed to write keyword rich content for SEO purposes to help the program help me do the same thing? Isn’t that kind of like cleaning up the house before the cleaning lady arrives?

One more caveat. I agree with my friend Sire that page rank isn’t all that some people want to make it out to be. SEO tactics obviously may not always result in high page rankings, and that’s not really the purpose either. If your page is ranked badly but you still get visitors, that’s always a much more important metric. Still, I do go to some blogs where a post has a page rank, so I’m thinking it’s not supposed to be impossible. At least my site has a page rank of 3, so I’ll accept that for the time being.

Just wondering if my expectations of All In One SEO are legitimate, and, as a last thought, did I say the name All In One SEO enough times to get a page rank on this one?

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