Do you know who E Brian Rose is? He’s a keynote speaker, businessman, and author of the book Millionaire Within. He’s also the guy who founded JVZoo.

My blogs got me a job at BBC
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I didn’t know that until a week ago when I came upon a story about him on Huffington Post. In the story, he talks about how he was able to get a lot of buzz about the company via social media. In essence he created a storm. I’m almost hesitant to talk about him or his company because I’m still getting tons of spam emails every day from unknown people who are still spreading his business’ name all over the place.

Anyway, he’s known for one particular quote: “You don’t get famous by being the best in your field. Fame comes by being the best marketer in your field.” And he followed me on Twitter.

I’m not close to being the best marketer in my field… any of them. I’ve been working for 10 years on getting my name out there, hoping to be recognized as one of the best in… well, whatever. I want to be known as a top 50 “whatever” in more than one field. I’m already on one list as a top 50 leadership blogger for Mitch’s Blog, which is pretty cool. However, that’s the only leadership list I’m on; I want more.

I’m not on any blogging lists. I know that some of that has to do with the fact that I haven’t really marketed myself or this blog all that well. Some of it is that I haven’t made a lot of money blogging, and that’s a major criteria. I would say that some of it has to do with the fact that this blog isn’t ranked higher than it is, but when this blog was ranked really high I still never made any blogging lists.

In the last year, once I started my marketing push on Twitter, I started garnering a lot more attention there. I was being added to lots of lists and having a lot of my content shared. That was pretty cool… but no lists. I’ve been added to lists for social media, finance, health care as well as leadership… but only the one list to date.

What’s the deal about being on lists? Back in 2010 I wrote a series of posts on the topic of influence. I wrote that “influence is the power to make an effect of some kind.” I talked about how influence allows you the opportunity to also make more money, which in pretty influential in and of itself. I did a video on the topic also:

Remember the first post of the year being on the topic of focus? My #5 point was to “figure out what I consider is really important, and spend more time on that.” I’m of the opinion that one of the things that would help me a great deal is to become more of a name on people’s lips, as well as in their minds. I don’t want to sit in the shadows if you will; I want to be famous! 🙂

What are the issues? Let’s name them:

Competing with this guy

1. My name is also the name of someone else who was famous.

One would think that a drummer who hadn’t done anything in decades and is now deceased would dwindle a bit in notoriety. Nope; he’s still killing me in search engines, no matter what I do. At least I’m in the top 25… right at #25, and only because of my Google Plus page. Throw that out and I’m at #40. I ain’t got nothin’ on Holly Jahangiri, who corners the market with her name. lol

2. I’m not great at marketing.

That’s not exactly true. I’m not comfortable with it. I’m getting good at Twitter but everywhere else… nope, not working all that well, although last week one of my videos, the one comparing Time Warner and Verizon FiOS, finally hit 10,000 views; that’s incredible! However, other than another video I did fussing about Verizon, I haven’t had another video on that channel hit 500 views, not even the one my friend Scott probably didn’t see talking about my background. I do have 3 videos on my business channel that have more than a thousand views, with 6 of the 7 being health care related. It’s a start right?

3. Blog writing is a background process.

I’ve said that I have over 5,000 articles online, which is true. The other side of that is my name isn’t on a lot of them. My name is in a lot of other places though, including one I’d totally forgotten about and really need to slap myself on because I never remembered it to go back & comment on it, from 2011. I have to thank Arlee Bird for the opportunity; what a moron I was for missing it!

4. I rarely ask anyone to share my content.

You know what? I wrote all that other stuff to get to this one. Do you know the last time I asked anyone to share my blog posts? Turns out it was November 2010; are you kidding me? Do you know the last time I asked anyone to share my videos? Never!

Help a brotha out lol

You know that thing above, #2, where I talked about not being great at marketing? Sometimes we have this assumption that people are going to do something just because we’ve put it out.

I used to assume that if people stopped by to read articles on my blogs that they would all comment; learned that one wasn’t true quickly. Last week’s post about lots of blog content has almost thrown out another belief I had that might not be true.

Do you know a guy on YouTube who calls his channel Daym Drops? He does food reviews from his car; yup, you got that right. He’s also very popular and has gotten so big that he’s been on Rachael Ray’s TV show, had his own TV show in 2014, and recently was mentioned on CNN; how’s that for growth? I mention him because at the end of every video he does he asked people to comment on his video, either like or dislike, and to share his videos. He’s not alone in doing this either.

As much as we hate marketing, if we want to get anywhere in this world it’s going to take marketing. You want a better job; market yourself. You want a raise; market yourself. You want to start your own business selling either services or products; market yourself. You want to be better known… you get the point.

For my main career, I need to do some things I’ve not been comfortable with. For my “secondary” businesses, I need to do the same thing. On this front though, a big part of it involves asking you, the reader, the content sharer, the potential “100 true fan” if you wouldn’t mind sharing some of my content here and there if you read it and agree with it. I’m not even going to ask you to comment on it, although I really wish you would.

By this time next year, I want to appear on some top 50 blogging lists. It’s one of the things I’m going to focus on; I think it’s really that important. If not this year then the next; hey, why not me right?

There you go; I’ve asked. Now let’s see if it takes me another 5 years to ask again. 😉

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