Affiliate Programs I’m Connected With – Part Five

Man, how long will this go on? Until I’m done, that’s how long. 🙂 So let’s recap quickly by giving you the links to previous posts on the subject: part one, part two, part three and part four. Onward and upward to part five.

Mailwasher Pro
Mailwasher Pro

Mailwasher is an actual program I use on my computer and one that I think is very powerful protection. Basically what it does is lets you view all your email while still sitting on the server. You can eliminate spam at that point or any other email you don’t want to download, then only download email you know is safe and what you want. Sure, every once in awhile timing will let one come through, but it’s really rare.

They have an affiliate program and so date I’ve been credited with 3 sales worth around $19, with one of those sales coming this week. If you follow the link you’ll see that the ads look kind of funny, but it was proof that if you write about something you like that you have the opportunity to make money from it, even if it’s not a ton of money. I have to say that I believe Mailwasher is one of my most valuable programs.

Pokerstars is the site where I was playing all my online poker, and of course that means they also had an affiliate program. I never really got to advertise this one all that much because, of course, online poker is illegal here in the states, and even when I signed up for it the sucker was illegal, though many people played on the site. Then the government started shutting things down for American players and that was pretty much that. I made no money off it, as I don’t think I have a lot of people visiting this blog that play poker, and basically, until the government relents and let’s people play online again, for money, I don’t think I’ll have enough people from other countries signing up through me.

SEO Book is a website that offers tools to help figure out how to make your website work better, gives some internet marketing training and other good stuff. I run one of their SEO programs through my browser, and back when I wanted to learn about affiliate marketing I purchased their ebook, which was pretty good. They offer an affiliate program for selling some of their products and they give you $20 to sign up. And for each sale you make you earn $50; that’s not bad.

Unfortunately, I’ve never made a sale, and I have to admit that I haven’t really pushed it all that much. I did have the book up on a sidebar for awhile, then they went through some changes and shut down the program for a short while and I removed it and never put it back. One of these days I need to get it back up somewhere because I believe in what I saw and it’s possible it can be used to help others and make some money along the way.

I’m stopping here as I only have 3 more to go, and that leaves me one more post, although it may end up being the shortest of the series.

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    1. At this point nothing, James, because last October the government basically confiscated all the domain names of all the online poker communities, then gave some back when they shut down their US operations. There’s one now that’s allowed, but I’m not sure how it works. A lot of people lost money they’d paid and won from one of them, Full Tilt Poker, but many of the others paid as much to players as they could.

  1. Reading the first comment was the exact point why I’ve abandoned all large number of affiliate programs. After change in US law, I’ve lost nearly all my customers as credit card companies started blocking transactions. It was a big shock for me, as I used to have few high rollers for my customers.

    1. Carl, it can be a hard market here because the country is so big and so many states, and then federal laws, can get in the way. For instance, many folks are being thrown out of Amazon affiliations because the states are trying to demand that Amazon collect taxes on what publishers might sell through them and they refuse to do it. Easier for them to leave those states and not let any of the residents earn money from their programs. Affilaite marketing is already a crap shoot, then things like this happen. You just never know.

      1. This is really crazy part, one ex-colleague which is Facebook app developer got his Amazon account recently locked, because he is based in California and large part of traffic to his app is exactly from this area.

      2. There you go Carl. It’s harder to be mad at an affiliate that’s killing lots of people at the same time instead of when they only pick on you specifically.

  2. Hi Mitch. And there it is, the newest part. 🙂
    Mailwasher? I use it too. It’s nice, easy to use and really functional!

  3. Aaron and SEOBook has been around for a really long time.

    Honestly, I didn’t know he had an affiliate program.

    Does it convert well Mitch???


  4. Wow Mitch, you have a lot of affiliate programs. I just went to and it was redirected to a notice for US players saying we could play on with play money. It actually says play money – too funny.

    I’m wondering if you could write a guest blog post using the Pokerstars affiliate program on a site based outside the States. Sire’s lottery site would make a nice fit for example. Just a thought.

    I could have the wrong site, it’s been a while but I believe when SEOBook first started they gave me free access to the site and tools. It was brand new and they needed site owners to promote their product. I think I ended up posting an interview on Extreme Ezine with them after I tried the program. It’s been a long time, I think I could find it on the Wayback Machine. Wouldn’t it be funny if I still had an account there? I should request my log-in info, lol

    1. Brian, I can actually market Pokerstars, but I have to pick a link that only applies to someone in another country, and I have to specify the country. That doesn’t really work well for me since I’d have no idea which country to select.

      You should take a look to see if you still have an account. You might have found your product to market. 🙂

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