A friend of mine, Justin, writer of Internet Marketing News, and the guy who I bought my finance blog, Top Finance Blog from, now has a new service that those of you who say you talk about affiliate marketing might want to take a look at.

It’s called Affiliate Marketing Linx Directory (or AML for short), and, in its own words, is “a human-edited affiliate marketing web directory.” Justin accepts submissions, but edits them himself, to verify that spam submissions aren’t getting through.

I just listed this blog under the category of “affiliate marketing blog“, and it’s a super easy process. The only thing you have to do is put a link back on your site to theirs, and in my opinion that’s not asking too much. There are also paid options that offer a couple of other neat things which you can decide upon for a higher placement.

I remember a time when I would try to join every single directory that came along, but I’ve pretty much stopped doing that. Most directories are kind of unwieldy, and expect you to put specific language on your sites. Here, all he’s asking for is a link back, so you see his link in my Marketing area there on the right. Life doesn’t get any simpler than that.

So there you are; a short post for a Friday.