You know, I feel like an idiot right now. I’ve been wondering why there’s so few people who have subscribed to my feeds, and it kind of hit me this evening.

I use Firefox, as you probably know, and on Firefox, to subscribe to a feed, all one has to do is click on the little symbol in the top right corner of the address bar and voile, there you are. I’ve known this for years. What I’m not sure of is if everyone else who uses Firefox knows the same thing, or whether it comes up the same way on any other browsers.

My bet is no, but that’s besides the point. I had been thinking that I had the links prominently posted on this blog and my other blog so people could subscribe easily enough if they so chose. I’ve been reading many other blogs that talk about it all the time, and just thought I was all set.

Until this evening, when I was, for whatever reason, encouraged by myself to take a look; nope, nothing there. Ugh! So now, if you look to the immediate right, you’ll see two feeds that can be subscribed to. One is the regular feed that comes with the WordPress blog. The other is the Feedreader feed, which, I guess, an overwhelming number of people use instead. Either way, I have now learned how to track all of my feeds since I picked up the idea to download a plugin called the Feedsmith plugin from this post by John Chow, who just broke 29,000 RSS readers.

So, now I’m on my way to great success; yeah! 🙂

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