Greetings Friends,

My name is Mitch Mitchell. I’m a guy with things to say and share as it pertains to blogging, writing, social media and a host of other things. I do all of this with the intention of promoting myself as a “thought influencer and interpreter”, hoping to work with others as a blogging/writing consultant. I’m also a writer of both my own blogs and other people’s blogs for a price; no, I don’t come cheap. 🙂 My long term goal is to be a paid professional speaker when I grow up; who could ask for more?

Let me get this part out of the way first. I’m a self employed incorporated consultant in three specialized fields. One is health care finance; I help hospitals increase revenue and cash while keeping them out of trouble. The second is leadership and diversity, and anything else related to business and employees.

The third is writing; at this point (September 2018) I have more than 5,500 articles online and in periodicals, and I’ve written two books on leadership. If you need someone to write blog posts for you or help manage your blog, send me an email (address below) and let’s talk about it.

What will you get from reading my blog?

The first thing you’re going to get is honesty. I am what I am, and I don’t have much to hide with my thoughts and beliefs on all things blogging, writing and social media related. I’m always in the process of discovery and I plan on sharing my thoughts on those things here. If nothing else, you will be entertained, challenged, or informed; what more could anyone want from a blog?

If you’re not, then I’ll just rant for myself. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about my main business (and why wouldn’t you?), check out the bio on my main business page, or read this post. 😉

I have 4 other blogs, which you can see in my blogroll: Mitch’s Blog, Top Finance Blog, MBA (medical billing & health) Blog and Syracuse (NY) Wiki. I invite you to check those out to see how diversified my writing can be.

Please join me on the journey; I promise it’ll never be dull. If you need to send email, send to

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