A Training Survey

I’d like to ask y’all for a favor.

You remember when I talked about the process of doing a webinar, then how I put the completed webinar up for sale, which you can also see there on the left in the second spot.

Well, my friend Renee of Presentations Plus, with whom I did the webinar with, and I want to do more of the same thing. Or live presentations. Or podcasts. That’s kind of the thing. We actually want to know what people like in general terms. We know that if people are long distance and want to participate that if they still wanted to participate in something that a live, in person presentation, wouldn’t work as a choice. That’s not quite what we’re looking for, though.

What we’d like is to know what people think in general when it comes to presentations. So, we’ve put together a survey, which you can access here, that has all sorts of choices on 5 different topics that we’d like to get out to the masses to see what and how people think in general about the types of things we have to offer. I’d love it if you could take the time to answer the survey honestly for us.

And, of course, we understand there should be some kind of benefit to people who do the seminar. So, we’ve included three PDF files that you can download after you do the survey. One is a Word tip, another is an Excel tip, and the third, mainly for people who don’t have websites, but have businesses, is an outline showing both the pros and cons of having a website. They’re free just for doing the survey.

Thanks; and now, back to our previously scheduled program, already in progress.

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2 comments on “A Training Survey

  • Good evening, Mitch.

    I hope you and Renee do well with your webinars and other training services.

    I went to take the survey, but saw quickly that I wasn’t in your target market and didn’t submit it. There’s no reason to skew your results when some of the choices weren’t right for me.

    While I have no interest in audio or video presentations, I do buy text or PDF presentations now and then. (You already know I have a very slow dial-in connection way back here in the mountains.)

    I don’t know if that would be something you would want to consider, but I thought I’d mention it for a couple of reasons.

    1. To let you know I’m paying attention.


    2. To offer a suggestion on how you may find another market by transcribing some of your other presentations and presenting them in a low-bandwidth format.

    I’m not saying I will buy them, but I would be much more likely to.

    Just sharing.

    All the best,


    • Hi John,

      It’s not that we haven’t thought about doing those things. Obviously, as someone who’s written an ebook that no one who reads this blog has purchased, I’m certainly not against PDF presentations. The thing is that it all comes down to figuring out what people will pay for, and determining the difference in how much it costs to transcribe something that may not sell on the back end, as you said. I’m not one to waste my money on stuff where I’m going to lose money.

      Thanks for paying attention; I appreciate it! lol

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