A Blogging/Sales Experiment

This is going to be a relative short post because I’m working on a project, mini project, that I want to see what happens with it.

This blog is actually the domain, as you can probably figure out. I’ve been wondering if I could add a HTML page to my host, link to it, and have it show up as a page off this site. I’ve never thought about it before until today, and I’m thinking that, if it works, I just might add a few sales pages, with specific products from specific affiliates, and see how that all works out.

This should prove to be interesting; stay close to see how I report on this one.

Oh yeah, one more thing I want to mention. Seems I won a contest on Sire’s Wassup Blog, and I now have a 125×125 badge as one of the prizes; neat!

See, short and sweet; this definitely isn’t my norm! lol

Michael Jackson: Thriller CD

Price – $10.99

6 thoughts on “A Blogging/Sales Experiment”

    1. Jake, it’s not that I want to do it that way. That’s why I was trying this experiment, to see what it would take to keep everything around this site. My mental issue is whether I want to try to make the page look like the main blog page, or take it in a different direction. At least, for now, the offisite page looks like all the other pages on that site.

      1. Hi Jake,

        No, if I do it, I’ll be putting the links right here on the blog, as they’ll be linking to sales pages, internally of course. Thanks for the plugin update, but I’m not sure I’d ever go that route.

  1. How lucky are you Mitch, not only to win the contest but all the cash as no-one else qualified, and then to have WassupBlog attain a PR4 at the same time I placed your ad. Cool huh?

    As to your little experiment. Couldn’t you just upload all your html pages to your host and link to them via a special category on your blogroll?
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..The Child Of God =-.

    1. I’m glad to have won your contest, Sire, and I appreciate the prizes.

      As to the rest, I could load pages. The issue now is whether I want those pages to look like the main page of this blog, at least at the top, or whether I just create pages that look like something else, but will get things done. I may go that route at some point, but I’d have to figure out how I want it to look. That’s why, right now, I’m just sending folks to my other site, where I already have a template that looks like that particular site, for my sales items.

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