I’ve had a video channel for nearly 8 years, but it’s only since 2011 that I started adding videos to it. I actually have two channels, but my other channel is mainly about leadership and business topics. The channel the videos below cover includes blogging, social media and writing… as well as pretty much anything else I’m in the mood to talk about. πŸ™‚

My blogging hat

I was talking to my friend Kelvin yesterday and he was telling me that he was listening to some of his podcasts while driving to an event out of town. I happen to mention that sometimes I go back and watch my own videos and, if I say so myself, they’re not all that bad most of the time.

I decided to actually compose what for me would be considered a relatively short post, which might actually make my friend Beverly happy because she doesn’t always like the long ones (although she might not like the long videos either lol), and I’ve been on a run of posts over 1,000 words lately so it’s time to take a break.

Below are 9 videos on the topic of blogging where I give a lot of advice to both new bloggers and bloggers who might like to learn something they might not have thought about before. It’s also a way to introduce myself and my channel to others. Trust me, this post took about as long to put together as my normal posts, even with fewer words on it; I always try to give my best! πŸ˜‰

What I’m doing is highlighting the title, giving a brief synopsis of the topic, and then showing the video. I hope you enjoy these and learn something from them. By the way, the reason I’m sharing 9 is because it’s one of my lucky numbers! πŸ˜€

Business Blogging Tips Finale

This is the final piece of a presentation I gave via a phone conference about how to business blog and whether or not people should start one… as opposed to having one. This is the part I didn’t get to give during the live presentation so I turned it into a video.

The topics covered here are:

V. Finale – How To Business Blog & Should You Have One

A. Add Content On A Regular Basis
B. Expand The Realm Of What You Have To Say
C. Add Variety
1. Video
2. Audio
3. Guest Posts
4. Multiple Bloggers
D. Don’t Start One If You’re Not Going To Keep It Going
E. Add It To Your Website Instead Of Going The Free Route
F. Visit Other Blogs & Comment; respond to comments on your blog


Is Blogging Dying?

Every week someone seems to say that blogging is dying. Obviously it’s not, and I share my opinion on that as well as tell you the most popular types of content people share.


Blogging Can Be Really Hard

I love blogging but based on other people’s experiences it turns out that blogging can be really hard. I’ve had this discussion with lots of people, some who still blog and some who’ve quit, and if you’re in it for the long haul you learn it can be difficult sometimes.


Write Like You’re Telling A Story

I believe more people would write better blog posts and articles if they thought about their writing like they’re telling a story. Truthfully, some of my newest videos are stories… most of them without a point. πŸ™‚


Repurposing Your Own Content

It’s okay to repurpose content you created, whether it’s on someone else’s site that no longer exists or something you’ve previously written that’s on your computer. I mention other ways to repurpose content also, and I actually wrote about it a few years ago.


3 Blogging Abilities You Need To Master

If there’s one thing I know, it’s blogging. These are 3 things that either new bloggers or bloggers who’ve lost their way need to master to not only be successful but feel good about what they do.


Top 3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Over all the years I’ve been blogging I’ve figured out the best ways to drive traffic to blogs and I give my top 3 here… none of them being guest posting πŸ™‚


Don’t Let People Bully You About Your Blog

I had a friend who was bullied for multiple things, one of those writing in her blog. I hate bullies of all kinds, which prompted this video. Once again, I also wrote a post about bullying online and on blogs.


We’re All Right And Wrong About Blogging

There’s lots of advice about blogging on the internet; I’ve given out a lot myself. Anyone who reads lots of blogs on the topic knows that we don’t all agree with each other. If we don’t all agree and yet still do what we do, what does that mean for you? Are you right or wrong? That’s what this video is about. You can also read part of this here: http://www.imjustsharing.com/were-all-right-and-were-all-wrong-about-blogging



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