62 Blog Posts To Overcome Blogger’s Block – Book Review

I was asked to review the book 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block by Marcie Hill before it went out to the public and I was glad to do it for more than one reason. Marcie is a very good writer who’s got a lot of accomplishments, and I was honored to be given a preview copy. Also, I’m in the book; yeah, kind of a vanity thing but you folks know me; I’m going to tell it like it is. And I’m not getting paid for this; y’all know how I roll. 😉

First off, this isn’t a piece of fluff. It comes in around 166 pages and was well researched, as it took her a long time to compile everything and put it into a proper order. There are a lot of examples throughout the book, which helps to make it an easier read and I have to admit that sometimes I got caught up in wanting to look up the specific article examples she shared to comment on them; I did do that a few times anyway.

She separates the book into 11 main categories, then has multiple categories within. For instance, the section that includes me is listed under “multimedia posts”, and under that there are 10 more specific titles. I’m listed under “audio” because of the ReadSpeaker option I have on my blogs where people can listen instead of always having to read the entire thing. Of course my own vanity told me there were multiple places I would have fit in, but truthfully I’m not sure I’ve seen all that many blogs using the program I do so that makes a lot of sense and shows the type of research she did looking for things both common and uncommon.

The book is kind of a dichotomy; I love that. In one respect it’s laid out like a course, and Marcie indicated in the Google Hangout video interview I and my Hot Blog Tips buddy Brian Hawkins did with her, which is below, that she’s hoping to turn it into a training class of some sort. In the other respect it’s easy to read and get through relatively quickly because there’s not a lot of prose, instead opting for a list style of presentation which is easier to understand while having prose to explain the story behind what you’re about to see before she gives you the example.

I think you’d be impressed with some of the names that are in this book, all with approval. At least I am since I know a lot of these people. I highlight specifically Vernessa Taylor, who I highlighted in my Black Web Friday series and also thanked for creating some virtual book covers for two of my books, as she helped Marcie with some graphics as well as being highlighted in the book. A few other names, buddies of mine if you will, includes: Ileane Smith, Ching Ya, Ben Barden, Justin Germano, and Kristi Hines, and a couple of big names such as Darren Rowse and Chris Brogan; you really can’t have a major book about blogging without those two in my opinion.

The book can be purchased from Marcie’s site only at this time, and there’s also a companion guide that can be purchased as well. I’m going to tell you this up front; the book isn’t cheap. It is thorough though, so if you’re looking for blogging guidance or information you should at least check it out; after all, I’m on page 37. 🙂 If you’d like to see another review of the book check out this post by Sharon Hurley Hall, who was featured in my last Black Web Friday post.

And now, the interview:


19 thoughts on “62 Blog Posts To Overcome Blogger’s Block – Book Review”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    Thank you so much for this book review and the interview with Brian. You are greatly appreciated. If ever I’m your way…Let me reword that. When I come your way next year for a book tour or my overcoming bloggers block training or training, we are going to lunch.

    Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

    1. Marcie, You were an absolute pleasure to speak with during the interview. You are a Pro and that shows on everything I’ve found online about you. Yeah, I Googled you before the video. lol I’m glad Mitch brought you in and I’m sure we’ll be friends for a long time.

      1. Brian, I enjoyed meeting you, too. You’re so laid back and easy to connect with. Let me know how I can support you with your projects.

  2. Sounds like very interesting book that it is not only for newbies, but for advanced bloggers too. Well, more than 150 pages for sure guarantee that there is a lot of serious topics that are reviewed in depth.

    1. It’s very comprehensive Carl, and I’d agree that it could help even very experienced bloggers who might sometimes have problems with what to write about.

      1. And there are many popular names included, for sure this is worth reading. I like when books include case studies and reference to real examples.

      2. Carl, there is a preview on the site if you’d like to check it out. I enjoyed creating a work that will help others along their blogging journey.

  3. I think Marcie is addressing a great issue because every blogger or writer deals with this situation at some point.

    I just went through a brief moment myself. It is funny because I had ideas coming out of the woods one day and the next week I was struggling to think of a single idea.

    I love her approach to the book, I would love to read it one day. She is right getting away for a minute does help.

    I stepped away and let the ideas come to me and presto. Great review Mitch.

    1. I do the same thing Michael and, like you mentioned, that’s one of Marcie’s tips.

      1. This is off topic, but I was honored to be interviewed as that was my first Google Hangout. You were a blessing on a couple levels.

  4. I’ve been super focused lately so I’m producing content like a mad man. Which is not easy since my posts are usually 1500 to 3000 words.

    I will need to keep this book in mind if bloggers block shows its head. Thanks for the honest review.

    1. Hey Ralph, there are quite a few multimedia options as well as re-purposing options listed. You can get really creative with your current posts.

  5. Hey Mitch! And hey Marcie, glad to see you here. 🙂 I knew you had a lot going on but dang, 5 blogs??? I’m with Brian, I can barely keep up with 1 or 2! You and Mitch need to sit down somewhere LOL Just kidding.

    Congrats on your latest book. I wish you much success and of course let me know how I can help you promote.


  6. I found your review really interesting and I will surely purchase the book because it is something that we all bloggers go through. Its is not something that we have control on. Well I know there is nothing to worry about, it is just the repercussion of writing too much, a burnout that we are suffering from. A short holiday or a good night sleep is all that is required. But still knowing more ways to deal with it will always be helpful.

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