I don’t do this often, but I thought I’d take a diversion for a little bit of fun. How often do I do this? Well, I’ve done it only twice. The first was in 2008, and then I was only talking about music sites. The second was in April of this year.

This list is going to give you 5 websites you probably don’t know about, which I think are pretty cool, and have been around for awhile. You might find them fun or informative; that’s what I’m all about.

Achievement Radio is a motivational site that I’ve always thought was very cool. There’s all sorts of motivational material everywhere, but that’s not the beauty of the site. If you look to the right, there’s a place where you can actually listen to short motivational excerpts from both famous and not so famous people. It’s free, and it will play all day if you’d like. Every once in awhile, we all need to hear uplifting stuff, right?

Every once in awhile, I feel I need to know how to make certain things. You’d think I would know how to make everything I need, but I don’t. Allrecipes is the site I go to whenever I need to check on a recipe, or I’m looking for ideas. There’s a ton of websites like this one out there, but this is the one I like best.

This site will kind of freak you out, but it’s neat for at least a little while. It’s called The Human Clock, and if you go to the site, then click on the image at the top, you’ll see it giving you the correct time. Then, if you keep it up for awhile, you’ll see that every minute there’s a new picture and the new picture tells you what time it is. No, it’s not a site where you’ll want to stare at it for all that long, but I have popped it up there for an hour or two, just to look to see what creative picture they’ve done for the minute I’m there.

Who remembers Cabbage Patch Dolls? What about mood rocks? This site is called Bad Fads, and you can go through the site and relive some of those things that you may not want to own up to as being a part of your life. I know many of you wore those bell bottomed pants; go ahead, admit it.

And that’s that; enjoy on this beautiful Saturday.

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