First, below you’ll see the second video interview I’ve conducted, with the first one featuring my buddy Joanne DelBalso talking about social media. The video below features Evelyn Parham, of whom I’ve mentioned 6 times previously on this blog, talking about healthy eating and living a vegan lifestyle. As I always say, this blog can be about anything! 🙂

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With that said, now that I’ve done 2 interviews, along with the videos I do with the Hot Blog Tips crew, I think I can talk about 5 things I’ve learned from doing some of these things. They’re important enough to talk about because Google is positioning itself as the place to be for multimedia, especially now that they’re starting to integrate YouTube and Blogger more thoroughly with Google Plus, and it’s my bet that more is coming. Video is going to become extremely important; heck, it already is.

With that said, here are 5 things I’ve learned:

1. If it’s your first time, or the other person’s first time, try to get together at least 15 minutes in advance to properly set up. Whereas Joanne and I had talked often on G+, this was Evelyn’s first time connecting there. We had some issues with her trying to connect with her regular camera and she had to end up using the laptop instead. And we had to pretty much start when we did because I had another commitment afterwards; we could have used that extra 15 minutes for sure.

2. Laptop webcams; ick! Evelyn wanted to use her regular camera but because she hadn’t done a Hangout before, she couldn’t figure out how to get to it, and because she was on a Mac I couldn’t really tell her what to do either. Laptop video cameras for the most part are “just good enough” for usage, but if you want to be seen in a better light almost any other camera will work wonders.

3. The live recording works differently than a private conversation, especially if there are only 2 people. With the first video I though either my picture of Joanne’s would always be at the bottom when the other person was talking. Turns out that’s not true, and even though the interviews went okay, I wish I’d known that beforehand. I’m not sure if there’s a setting to change that up some, maybe set up a split screen, but I’ve been told it’s not available yet; too bad…

4. Your internet connection does change things somewhat. One of the problems you’ll sometimes have is if the internet connection speed is different for the parties trying to talk to each other. If you watch the video below you’ll notice that there was a delay of maybe 5 seconds or so between what I was saying and when Evelyn was responding. That can get confusing because you might start talking while the other person is talking, which sometimes makes it look like you’re cutting each other off. I’d feel worse about those gaps if the same thing didn’t happen with the professionals on TV.

5. The most important thing is being heard and understood. Even when Evelyn’s image sometimes replaced her live feed, you always heard her speaking and she came through good and clear. I’ve seen some big time YouTubers have this same thing happen to them while recording interviews or segments with other people so take solace that it’s not just you. The smart thing is to keep on talking and just assume that your voice is going through well. Of course that goes back to #1 above in testing things before pushing forward.

Anyway, those are 5 lessons, and as I’m thinking about it I probably could have 5 more, but I want to get to Miss Evelyn here. I hope you watch the video and then check her out; she’s got great stuff, even if I’m the worst at following any of the advice. lol


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