Okay, I said I was taking my shot at making money online, and this might be the type of thing to help get me there.

There’s a contest being run where, if you join up, you have a chance to win not only big money, but the big winner gets a brand new Corvette. It’s open to anyone around the world, and one of those things you can do, if you sign up, is get an affiliate link and, for every person who signs up under you, you’ll earn a dollar.

On the site, there’s lots of educational material on how to market both online and offline, and that’s something I can use for all of my businesses. So, you can click on the image above, or you can click on the link below, or you can look to the right column somewhere and find the link and click on it there, because I’ll be adding it pretty quickly. You can also invite your friends to sign up, and you can do it by email or through the site. I decided to go this route first.

So, why not set your goals pretty high, sign up, and at least earn a couple of dollars driving others to the contest? And, please, give me that dollar! 🙂

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