10 Ways To Find Inspiration To Write About In Your Niche

Something that’s rare for me is writer’s block. Whenever I’m ready to write something, most of the time I think of a theme, give it a little bit of thought, and start writing. I’ve got to tell you that feels pretty good.

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However, I’m not a machine. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to write on a topic that’s popped into my mind. If I can’t flesh it out I don’t want to put out total garbage. And sometimes I just don’t have anything new; it happens to the best of us.

Every once in a while I just skip a post. Nothing wrong with that except I hate skipping posts on Monday; if I skip the second post of the week I’m okay with it but I hate missing the first one.

Therefore, when I need to find something to write about, I do a few different things. As I said it’s rare, but I have these things to fall back on that I’m going to share with you.

1. Visit some of your favorite blogs and write on something one of them touched upon.

I don’t want you to copy what someone else has said. Instead, either write a post agreeing or disagreeing with what someone else has written. Basically it’s a long form comment that you’re writing for your blog instead of leaving it on someone else’s blog. Just make sure you link back to the other blog; whether you’re yay or nay on what they wrote, they’ll appreciate the link.

2. Visit blogs you don’t normally visit and do the same thing.

In this case, you’re going to throw some love at someone who you might not know. What you can do is go to Google, search for your topic and add “blog” to your search term. There are tens of millions, if not hundreds of million blogs, so there’s probably not a topic you won’t find. As a courtesy here and on the first one, it wouldn’t hurt if you found a way to let them know via Twitter that you’ve talked about them & linked to them.

3. Scan the news for your topic.

If I want to write about blogging, I can bet there’s a news story every single day somewhere about the topic. Often there’s some kind of top 50 or 100 blogs in some category that’s fodder for commentary, especially if I’m not on it… did I just say that? lol Anyway, you can go to Google again, put in your search term, and once you’ve hit search you can choose the news link that’s normally on the same line that images is.

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4. Write about a book related to your subject.

Book reviews are always pretty cool, especially if they touch upon one of your subjects. Sometimes they won’t, but I write book reviews here when people send me their books. If you’re also creative you can find a way to take a book and turn it into your niche topic.

5. Think about something in your day and relate it to your topic.

I once wrote an article comparing blogging to traveling through airports while I was sitting in an airport in Washington DC on a 3-hour layover. It just seemed to fit, though I’m betting a few people thought it might be a stretch.

6. Write about a favorite fictional or historical person and relate it to your topic.

A post of mine that four years later seems to be very popular is one I wrote on my leadership blog talking about the leadership qualities of Harry Potter; yeah, I’m a big fan of the series. lol Matter of fact, months after I wrote that post I was contacted by en entity in the Philippines and asked if they could use it as an educational article for one of their middle schools; that was pretty neat. I’ve written about a lot of fictional characters and leadership including Charlie Brown and Kermit the Frog; people like that because they can relate.

7. Think about an event that occurred in your life and write about that, relating it to your subject.

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All of us have something that happens in our lives every day. Often it’s pretty mundane but sometimes there’s a bit of significance in it, along with a lesson. I wrote one of those types of posts in July when I talked about ethics in social media based on a conversation I had with this kid in Germany and his personal attack against Serena Williams that caused a bit of a scandal for a short time after she’d won Wimbledon.

8. Write a compilation post of some kind based on a seminal date or event.

This one should be easy because you might already have all the material you need on your blog. In case you need an example you can check out my post talking about 15 lessons from 1,500 blog posts or 55 tips about blogging which I wrote highlighting my 55th birthday last year.

9. Do an interview post.

By the way, have I mentioned that I’m looking for people to interview me, either on their blogs, podcasts or videos? Regardless of if I have or not, interviewing people who talk about your subject or pretty much anything else always ends up being a double benefit. When people like being interviewed they’ll help you promote your post and if you do it well, which means your questions aren’t boring, it can be pretty cool The thing about them is that the other person is doing all the work, so this one should be easy.

10. Whenever you have an idea, save it in your posts area.

I get ideas at the weirdest times. I get so many that I used to forget a lot of them. So, first I started carrying a 3×5 index card spiral bound notebook so I can write things down when I think of them. Then when I get home I’ll create a new post, pop the ideas in and then save it as a draft. That’s actually where I got the idea for last week’s post about marketing products you didn’t create, as it was on my mind earlier in the week while I was on the road. Ideas coalesce well with reminder words and phrases.

That’s 10 ideas; do you have any others? I hope this helps some of you on your way to continuous blogging.

17 thoughts on “10 Ways To Find Inspiration To Write About In Your Niche”

  1. Hi Mitch

    Very interesting thoughts. I am fine with 9 points but just would like to know more on “Do an interview post”.

    I have seen this on may blogs that you must interview and publish on your blog but what is the real benefit I don’t understand. How it is different than guest blogging?

    Do you have any sample article/post to share on this.


      1. Thanks Mitch,

        I will do check them.

        Update : You plugin says I have not typed enough words or may be I have not thanked you enough, so please accept one more thanks 🙂

  2. Mitch, you have some really good ideas. I really need to get back to doing this. I’ve been so busy offline the past few weeks with my granddaughters visit and I am finding it hard to find what to blog about next. Maybe something through the eyes of a one year old 🙂 Or something about my day yesterday that was a doser. I would add checking out Flipboard or AllTop as well.
    Thanks for sharing these Mitch and I hope all is well your way!

    1. I hope it helps you out Lisa. I didn’t specifically mention Flipboard but it’s a great source for finding either news or niche topics so that could be used as well as Google. Seeing something through the eyes of a 1-year old; now that would be special! 😉

  3. Hmmm… Write a book review? Interesting. I wonder if I know anyone who has written a book lately… perhaps on leadership or such? Maybe I should write a review on that? 🙂 (I had some big challenges last week Mitch with my web host. They were gonna shut my sites down unless I folded to their mafia type extortion tactics so I had to deal with that so not time for reading. I am gonna devour your book very soon!)I still like, and use, your Yosemite Sam Marketing that you wrote about almost a year ago. Good stuff. People should read that here at imjustsharing dot com/yosemite-sam-marketing/

  4. Hi mitch,
    Once again, I found some informative article here.
    As you said, I strongly believe, reading lots of blogs or websites would encourage us to write some targeted keyword posts.
    It’s easy to write any kind of article, But writing an article related to our niche with targeted keywords is not as easy as we think..
    Thanks for this informative article Mitch.

    1. Well Thyrone, I don’t concentrate as much on keywords when I write a post, though I know a lot of people say that’s the way to go. I do write on a topic and I highlight the topic enough via the content; at least I hope I do. Truthfully, that’s what Google says it wants anyway… even if no one actually believes it. lol

  5. Hey Mitch, I love your last point the best. It’s something I’ve thought about but never actually followed through on. A shame really because there have been times when I’ve tried my best to think of that blog post idea I had but my brain cells just won’t spew it forth.

  6. Thanks for this share. I was also planning to find for writing niche. This is nice article i got for writing inspiration niche blog. Now i am starting with it soon. Keep posting.

  7. Hi Mitch sir,
    I want to say that I have been implementing these techniques for my niche. I have been visiting reputed blogs of similar niche and taking ideas from them and honestly it is working for me.
    Thank you so much

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