10 Posts That Deserve More Attention

Something that’s hard for a lot of people is self critique. We’re either too easy on ourselves or too hard on ourselves.

I’m no different, although my parameters change depending on what it is. When it comes to this blog, I know that there are a few throwaway posts, where the post isn’t necessarily important to anyone but was entertaining to write. That’s part of my quest to give visitors something different to look at.

However, there are times when I write something that, in my mind, didn’t get enough attention or enough visitors for whatever reason. Every once in awhile, I like to go back to some of those posts and share them in one specific post, hoping that maybe newer visitors will see those titles and say “hey, I must have missed that one”. At least that’s what I hope. So, here are 10 posts of mine over the last 2 months of 2009 and first 6 months of 2010 that didn’t get many visitors that I feel deserve more attention.

5 Ways Poker Is Like Blogging – This was my attempt at being creative by comparing two of the things I love doing most, one of which is playing poker.

An Interview With Marelisa Fabrega – Marelisa is one of the top bloggers in the world, and I was able to secure an interview with her. This needs to be read by everyone.

Twitter Marketing – Do You Have A Plan? – I found myself again some days ago explaining to someone what Twitter was about and how it could be used for business, and this wasn’t at my workshop either.

How Can You Prosper Through Publicity? – Everyone who has a blog needs to understand just how much more prosperous they could be, either monetarily or personally, by figuring out how to handle their publicity better.

What Do We Expect For Free? – We all like free stuff, but are we taking it to the extreme for some things?

Are Writers Taken For Granted? – As someone who’s been writing to make a living for the last year, it seems that people devalue just how much of a commitment it is, even when they can’t do it themselves.

Content Is An Electronic Emperor – This was my response to a comment made by Rupert Murdoch, partially one of the most hated men in the world.

Web Courtesy – Don’t We Deserve That Much? – With so much hate that people spew in blogs and especially when responding to news stories, I question whether there is any courtesy anymore.

Are You Using Social Media For Promotion? – I wrote this last year, way before I ever started thinking about doing workshops on the subject.

My 10 Favorite Blog Posts Of 2009 – Okay, this isn’t quite fair, but at the end of the year I posted 10 blogs posts I liked that I wrote in 2009; so now you have 10 more to check out if you’re interested. 😉

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10 thoughts on “10 Posts That Deserve More Attention”

  1. Mitch, you’ve given us a day’s worth of reading in one post! I enjoyed your comparison of poker to blogging, although I’m still not sure I understand the skills involved in poker. (I’m not doubting they exist; I just don’t quite get it yet.) I’ve read your interview with Marelisa Fabrega twice now and have gotten a lot out of it both times. Your post on web courtesy raises some valid questions; the answers are going to depend on individual ethics and integrity — which can sound pretty discouraging if you really think about it. And your essay on writers being taken for granted reflects the times in which we live: a weak economy and a lot of people hungry for work, which means too many writers competing with each other for table scraps. As the various media continue to evolve, it’s hard to predict where things will fall, but it should be interesting.

    Thanks for re-posting these! Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Charles; I’m glad someone actually checked those posts out. Things are ever evolving, and yet there are some things that hold true no matter what. I hope I’ve touched upon both in some fashion with all these posts.

  2. Gotta read the one about poker – I LOVE poker!

    Used to waste a lot of time playing my computer games after I wasted a lot of $$$ playing the real. lol

    It’s late, I’m laughing at my own corny jokes now.

    1. You’re laughing at your own jokes, but I’ve watched the video of your grandchild about 4 times now. We have no kids and don’t expect to ever have any at this juncture, so I’m going to have fun watching yours.

      I love poker also; I’ve talked about it enough times here.

      1. Just so you know, there are tens of videos but I appreciate all hits/clicks.

        Reading the poker post now. Had a busy morning at work, they didn’t care about my social media network. (today)

      2. The nerve of them not caring about your social media network; tell them don’t make me come down there.

  3. I look forward to reading these (well, some of them, they’re not all my cuppa tea as you can probably imagine!). One comment on the 2009 bunch… I was very proud, too, when Obama got elected as President – and I’m not American & don’t live in the USA. I wonder, though, how many people who voted him in are still pleased with him being there. I’ve seen so many people put the guy down just because he’s not – yet – achieved all he’d wanted to achieve. I say give the guy a chance. With the mess that his predessesor left, it’d take superman a long time, let alone a human being. And he is one brill human being, in my opinion.

    1. Truthfully, I think it’s pretty standard everywhere there’s democratic elections that the party that loses immediately goes on the attack and the party that wins tries to push through their agenda quickly to get around the other side’s ganging up, so they say. The last time it didn’t happen was with the first election of Franklin Roosevelt; talk about long streaks!

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