This is something different. I’m giving myself 2 minutes to write 10 blog tips, short missives that might hold as much power and influence as some of the longer posts I write. These are so short that I’m not even scrounging around looking for a picture that’s apropos to the post, so just enjoy the puppy as you read these 10 quick tips.

1. Write about something you enjoy.

2. write about something you know about.

3. It’s okay to get personal in your blog posts; just don’t reveal anything that could come back to hurt you.

4. Blog with some kind of consistency.

5. Respond to “good” comments; if they’re not good enough to comment on, they might not be good enough to leave on the blog post.

6. Be generous with your blog topics. If something inspired you to write acknowledge it, link to it, mention people’s names.

7. It’s okay to sell with your blog every once in awhile; if it’s a sales blog, it’s okay to sell all the time.

8. Be as entertaining as you can, whether you’re talking about social media, games, fashion or even forensic loan analysis.

9. Be fair. I was going to say be nice but that’s not always what’s called for. If you’re being mean be mean for a reason and give details.

10. Remember that every blog post is potentially a game changer for someone, so do your best. Remember what Joe DiMaggio said as to why he played so hard in every baseball game: “Because someone out there might have never seen me play before.”

There you go; hopefully you read fast enough for that to only be 2 minutes. 🙂

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